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Les Mendiants – Vianne Rocher favourite ones!

When on Friday I came back home from work, it all seemed a mess: I was tired, sad, nervous, unhappy abouit work, I wanted something new. Then, all at once, the snow. Soft and silent. And my nerves started to ease. Suddenly a movie came to my mind, Chocolat, and snow and wind became a chance for a change. Snow covers up everything, and when it will melt, new possibilities and opportunities will be revealed.

V’la l’bon vent, v’la l’joli vent
V’la l’bon vent m’amie m’appelle
V’la l’bon vent, v’la l’joli vent
V’la l’bon vent m’amie m’attend

Daydreaming about the magic atmosphere of Chocolat, I decided to make mendiants, Vianne Rocher’s favourite ones: it was a long time I wanted to make them. They are so refined, simple to make. They mix the strong taste of dark chocolate and the sweet flavour of mysterious Tropics of dried fruit. Being Vianne for an evening has been amazing! I had magic in my hands, I could create and guide events. When the snow will melt, things will be different thanks to the magic of chocolate.


  • dark chocolate
  • hazelnuts
  • almonds
  • pine seeds
  • candied cherries
  • candied ginger
  • raisins
  • dried cranberries

Temper chocolate (I’ve just discovered the new article by Pastrygirl from Desser First on how to temper chocolate and make mendiants, SUPER! You definetly should have a look). Drop small quantities of melted chocolate onto a tray lined with baking paper: they will become round and quite flat. Choose the topping you prefer, using both candied and dried fruit, playing by taste, colour and texture. Premm the topping into the chocolate so that, getting firm, chocolate will keep fruit inside. Let them cool in a dry and cool place. I didn’t put them into the fridge.

Choose small boxes or bags and full them with mendiants, wrap them with bows for a sweet Christmas present.

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  1. Juls, ho letto il tuo articolo e ho perfettamente capito le tue emozioni…l’insoddisfazione di un lavoro che non va come si vorrebbe e la magia di stare in cucina e creare delle cose. Hai un blog che è una meraviglia!sei davvero grande juls e sono sicura che i tuoi sogni diverranno realtà per un semplice motivo…te lo meriti!!

    Un buon natale di cuore,

    la tua amica simona

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