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A tiramisu in an eggshell, or my sweetest wishes for a Happy Easter

Let’s talk about tiramisu, this grey weather which was supposed to be a blooming spring is definitely calling for something decadent. A tiramisu – well dusted with cocoa powder and with an impressive mascarpone cream – is definitely one of the desserts that I just can not resist, I can surely list it among my favourite treats to indulge myself. Even though I have recently slightly changed my taste for sweets, turning into a love for wholesome cakes bursting with fruit, a cup of tiramisu is still one of the most immediate choices I make when I want to make me something special, to wrap my thoughts in a sweet numbness. A killing me softly kind of dessert.

tiramisu in a chocolate egg

Sunday will be Easter and I decided to celebrate with style and to surrender to my sweet tooth. With a sharp knife – warmed on the stove – I opened carefully the traditional chocolate Easter egg and filled it with lady fingers soaked in black coffee, thick layers of a velvety mascarpone cream, chips of dark chocolate to suprise your taste at every layer and a generous dusting of unsweetened cocoa powder to finish. Yes, a tiramisu enclosed in a chocolate egg. Call it decadent, call it a sensuous dream. I call it the perfect idea of tiramisu. Here you can find my recipe for our family tiramisu.

Happy Easter from the bottom of my heart to you all. I wish you to spend these holidays among the people who love you. Enjoy their company, good seasonal food that will become even more tasteful when shared at a table cheered up by chatter and laughter. Relax, have fun, experience something new or just do what makes you feel confident and happy,  do not worry about the weather and let Spring bloom within you.

tiramisu in a chocolate egg

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  1. How decadent and absolutely scrummy.
    Oh and by the way; Auguri di Pasqua to you too Giulia

  2. What a lovely presentation! So very creative, the perfect Easter treat. Tiramisu is my family’s favorite dessert as well, although my recipe is a bit different. My version includes a zabaglione, an egg yolk and sugar custard, flavored with marsala,or vin sant if you prefer. Both Tiramisu and zabaglione supposedly provide sustenance during amorous adventures 🙂 Here’s my recipe, and some of the lore behind the ingredients:

  3. Wish I knew about your blog BEFORE Easter. This tiramisu egg would have delighted my inlaws, but at the moment it is brightening up a rather bleak morning (when is spring arriving???).

    Found you through Gaia’s (Sogni&Pensieri turned Shake and Bake) blog and am glad to be here. I didn’t yet bust into the chocolate egg that my inlaws gave me on Easter, but your recipe idea will soon take care of that! Cheers!

  4. love this brings back memories of my Italian childhood! Ty for sharing Love your Blog!

  5. My little girl has received a lot of Easter eggs in the past week and now I know what I’ll do with a couple of them! Thank you for such a lovely idea. I know it’ll be very appreciated in my family. Hope you and Tommaso had a lovely Easter!

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