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White Christmas Meringues

Here I am, I’m sorry if I am a bit absent in these days but Juls’ Kitchen is eventually moving. After many and repeated problems with my Italian hosting company, Tophost, I am finally turning to a new hosting service on the advice of a blogger friend, Jaxies. I cannot thank her enough, I am already deeply in love with Host Duplex!

Stalking chatting with the founder who tells you what’s wrong and how to solve it, and who also takes responsibility for fixing all your problems, has no price: it is the first totally unexpected Christmas gift. In these moments you really realize the importance of courtesy and professionalism.

Here I come to today’s theme, another quick idea for a Christmas gift: White Christmas meringues. They are meringues, absolutely simple meringues, but, trust me, just write white Christmas meringues on the label of your nice gift bag and you’ll see happy faces all around you!

This is Jamie Oliver’s tested meringues recipe, this time flavoured with organic lemon peel and organic vanilla essence, a sweet and fresh cloud, a delicate as crystal gift for your loved ones.

Sorry, I lost all your comments in this post, but finally my blog has a reliable American server and a beating Tuscan heart: we’re ready for great things!

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  1. Loved these!!….I was wondering if you have a favourite Tuscan recipe for Biscotti de Prato and/or the wonderful waffle-iron pressed Brigadini cookie with anis or fennel and olve oil?…I purchased a stove-top cast iron maker..but I seem to have misplaced the recipe from Giuliano Bugialli’s “The Art of Italian Cooking”!..

    So fun to converse with my French husband about the influence of the Italians in what is “considered-to-be” classic French cuisine!!…Canard à l’Orange = Catherina di Medici..etc!

    Bugialli brings this up in his cookbook..and I love how you delve even deeper into the history/origins of Tuscan and Italian cuisine. I am such a fan…of you and your cuisine!

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