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A very English – Italian Easter dessert

I must admit: I have not made this colomba (an Easter desser with the shape of a dove) myself! I even ventured myself to make it, this is a very good dessert with a crust of almonds and sugar, bought by Mom at the supermarket. So far, nothing exciting, you’ll say, where is the recipe? where is the idea so exciting to require a new blog post? So let me introduce you a trio of exception, Babs, Genny and Dario Loison and the competition Chi accompagna la colomba? – a contest that searches for a new way of presenting this dessert, with a new combination, a new recipe, a new way to present it. And I accepted the challenge!

Point one: recognize my limitations. I am certainly not able to make a colomba, nor to modify the basic recipe to create something new and delightfully delicious.

Point two: I love England. No, I am sure I’ve never never said it before! huh huh huh! so I decided to dress my dessert as an English girl and make it take part in a tea time in a beautiful English house with a bright bow window that looks on Kensington Gardens.

And how does the colomba present itself during tea time? Shaped like little, elegant, refined biscuits… at the end it will be like eating a slice of the colomba with tea, like when I make tea at home, but it will be in a completely different style!

Cut the colomba into slices about 1 cm thick and cut into biscuits, choosing the shape you prefer, dust with icing sugar and bake them for 5 minutes in a hot oven until the edges are caramelize slightly. Remove from oven and serve immediately with a strong black English tea. Serve with lemon curd – lemony and creamy – to spread on colomba biscuits and… Enjoy your tea time!

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  1. Ciao Jul, I have to say that I really love your blog, and I have been coming here nearly every day since I found it. I find it very interesting, starting with the fact that you write traditional Italian recipes in English with is much easy for me to understand, even if I do understand a little of Italian (shame that I don’t speak it). But I have to say that on your very English tea a touch of milk is missing. English people, traditional English people drink thousands of litres of tea with a touch of milk.

    take care xxx

  2. @ Lidia: you’re completely right! And consider I love tea with a drop of milk.. how could have I forget? I must come back to London, it’s the only explanation!
    @ Fuji Mama: I’d love tou have you as my guest!
    @ Linn: Swedish Cupcakes?? I’m there to see the video!

  3. I like the shape of your treat! And that little cookie cutter?? Adorable!
    Jul, I just LOVE the first photo.
    And I just WANT that sugar spreader! (Don’t know if that is the right word)

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