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Carrot Soup

Good morning, good morning! And Good maniac monday too! Can I write a rapid post, can’t I? It’s such a frantic and happy period, lots of things to do, and I love doing things, being occupied with the things I love, and with my friends, too! On Sunday I organized a brunch for a friend’s Bday, it’s so amazing do what you like with your friends! I mean, cooking is great, but cooking for someone you care andseeing them happy for what you do, it’s glorious!

So, since I’m in a hurry and I got a cold, again, let’s warm the day with a velvety soup, with a warm and appetizing color, a soft and smooth consistency, a spicy and tempting flavour.

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Green velvet

I’m always in search of something light and velvety, something that makes me feel good and free as a butterfly, something enjoying to cook and to eat, something fun, but that can also clean my coscience.
Yesterday I was lost in this quest, when Aunt Teresa suggested me this soup, made with leftover vegetables in your fridge. A touch of India, and here you have a velvety soup that keeps all the promises!

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Nonna Menna’s Kitchen: pici pasta

Today we’ll hit the second episode of our Tuscan cooking session.

It is worth saying though that “tuscan cooking” it is not really an appropriate way to define it..or better..them!! I’ll try to explain.. if you’ll ask my granny: ‘Grandma, let’s do a tuscan cooking column…What could we prepare? ..why not make a delicious trippa? She would answer..”what?? Trippa is from Florence, it is not a local dish then! (about 35 km n.d.r)”. Tuscany, as used to be a Gran Duchy, it is still..nowadays, ideally divided in different traditions, habits, customs.. that still oppose, even in the cooking way, Siena to Florence, or Pisa to Arezzo…
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