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Sacher Torte

Laura’s Sacher Torte

I was searching for a chocolate recipe belonging to my family tradition to post for Christmas. I had to think longer than I would expect about it as we do not have a chocolate cake that represents Christmas in our family tradition. Since I stole my mum's control in the kitchen, it…

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DB Challenge: crostata with 2 fillings {chocolate & tahini and chestnut pastry cream}

Short pastry and crostata were the first sweet recipes I tried when I was just a child. During my long summer breaks, I used to spend my whole time with Chiara, a classmate from the elementary school who soon had become one of my best friends and my summer joyride mate. We used to ride our bicycles from morning to evening, exploring nearby countryside. We had to do our summer homework tough, but we shared the duty, sitting on a table under honey scented linden trees in her garden, drinking iced tea and nibbling at cookies and fresh fruit.

Our passion were picnics! We started with simple ham and cheese sandwiches and fruit salad to reach the highest levels of refinement and creativity the year we decided to organize an English party in the middle of the field! We even asked our sisters and friends to come with fancy dress costumes! Every year, there was a constant: short pastry cookies and crostata.

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Melktert – Milk Tart from South Africa

Four years ago, Italy was the football world champion, and summer was marked by an hypnotic chorus, beated by the joy of a completely unexpected success: po, po ro po po po pooooo po, po, po ro po po pooooo poooo . And now we are here, four years later, and we face the South African World Championship with the weight of responsibility of former winners. Do not misunderstand me, I’m not a football fan, but Meeta’s South Africa Monthly Mingle, dedicated to the country that will host this year Championship, has awakened some memories of that beautiful summer of four years ago.

The goal of this Monthly Mingle is to get to know African cuisine, an interesting cuisine, rich in traditions and influences, enhanced by spices, herbs and different scents. Browsing through many web sites of South African cuisine, an issue of Jamie – Jamie Oliver’s magazine dedicated to a fantastic barbecue in Cape Town – and Tessa Kiros’ Falling Cloudberries, with a beautiful chapter on her childhood memories in South Africa, I was totally enchanted by Melktert – the milk tart, whose texture was so impressive and delicious to win so far over all the other recipes!

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