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A foodblogger sandwich: field salad, buffalo fresh cheese and sourdough country bread

The awareness came with the spring, after the London euphoria and the snow silent charm. I am doing for living what I wanted to do as a grown-up, I’m finally a full-time foodblogger. There is no glamour in this, or social events and sequins, I just get up and every morning I wear my home uniform (my comfy tracksuit) and an apron because I am pretty clumsy in the kitchen, then I decide what to cook, how to take my pictures, then eventually I sit down and write, with an increasing pleasure every day.

I decided to take a serious pastry course, which shall start in a few months, I put the bookmarks on every recipe I want to cook and on every photograph that has a style I like, I devote some time to learn to do new things – currently my goal is baking with my newly born sourdough starter – I try to slowly built a new rhythm and a tailor-made day.

Even though I truly strive for it, I’m not able to call it an organized day, yet!

I’m just at the beginning now, I used to have a time schedule marked by someone else, so it often happens that I start to cook and time slips out of my hands, while I am lost in my own world made of food, images and words. It also happens that after a morning spent baking and taking pictures of cakes, all I want is a simple sandwich.

But not just any sandwich, I thought as I made it, picking up the cheese crumbs with my fingers, and as I heard the crisp crust of the bread surrendering under the knife with a crackling sound, this is a foodblogger sandwich!

This is an essential sandwich made with just a few ingredients that stand out by themselves, a light lunch and a tasty snack for a picnic, waiting impatiently for the first warm days.

So, which were the ingredients of my panino?

# Sourdough country bread loaf, the third experiment made following Chad Robertson’s recipe from the Tartine bread book, a must have for any home made bread enthusiast, a book photographed by Eric Wolfinger – my last coup de foudre. Just don’t miss Sarka’s last post to learn how to make your own sourdough bread.

# Mixed wild fresh salad (misticanza), foraged in the morning by my grandmother, made with herbs with fairy names, such as dandelion and sorrel, a herb I absolutely adore, with its subtle cucumber flavour. You should chop it finely and dress your salad at least one hour before eating it, crushing the leaves with a fork to soften the harder ones. It’s a carousel of different consistencies, with pleasant fresh and bitter notes.

# Fresh creamy buffalo cheese, rich and milky, the right counterpoint to the field salad bitterness.

Behind the scenes: my work in progress.

Since the full time foodblogger adventure has also resulted in having to postpone the live alone idea, I decided to carve out some space for me. Or, viewed from my patient parents’s perspective, I eventually cleared the living room of the tripod, my wooden backgrounds and the reflector panels, returning the room to its original function.

Our summer gazebo and winter greenhouse will became my studio, doesn’t it sound exciting? I am extremely satisfied with the first results because the light is fabulous and above all it is sheltered from the wind: no more towels chasing all over the garden! Next step: a second hand cupboard where to store all the props and white curtains to shield the studio from the bright summer light!

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  1. Your life sounds like complete and utter heaven! Oh to be a full time food blogger 🙂 If i was spending my days like you this is exactly what I would have for lunch – look at that beautiful sourdough you’ve baked! Gorgeous.

  2. This is such a lovely post, Giulia, sei bravissima! I can feel your energy radiating through each word – here’s to the foodblogger sandwich, wish I could be sharing this lunch with you right now! 🙂

  3. This sandwich is light, delicate and vegetarian! The kind of sandwich I love. Your new studio looks very familiar. It seems I had a wonderful lunch there with two great food blogger friends! 🙂

  4. A lovely sandwich! It sounds just amazing.

    What a great studio! Lucky you to have great light.



  5. Good for you, blogging full time is wonderful. I recently started to but haven’t become very organized about it. Seems like hubby, kids, laundry have re-prioritized, how did I do it before when I worked 50 to 60 hours a week? I’m quite jealous that you can have a studio to step up, someday….

    I could hear the sourdough crackling through the screen. The sandwich is truly a food lovers sandwich and your photos are lovely!

  6. I don’t know how you do it, but your words are like balsam for my soul. They come so naturally like a familiar song. I love this post! Not only the words but also the pictures bring something fresh and spring like!
    Your new studio has indeed a gorgeous light and I can’t wait to see more pictures coming out of this space.
    Also, thank you for the shout out my dear!!! xx
    PS. my nephew bread looks amazing! YUM! 🙂

  7. Looks fantastic! I don’t think I’ve had buffalo cheese that wasn’t mozzarella… I’d love a sandwich like that.
    And I am still amazed by those that make food blogging their full time job – very impressive, and you are doing amazingly.

  8. Oh my, of course – what a perfect spot for a studio! I think every single food blogger would just kill to have a gorgeous location like that. Lucky girl! x

  9. I’m so glad to hear you’re so happy with your full time food blogging! It really shows in your work and these gorgeous photos. Oh and that sandwich? Yeah I need to get me one of those 😀

  10. Ah, the life of a foodblogger. You make it sound so wonderful! I wish I could do this for a living!
    What a sandwich – I love the simplicity and that bread is gorgeous! mmmmm crust!

  11. Oh Giulia, I could only smile while reading your post! How lovely! I can’t believe the gazebo we were eating in is now you studio! How fabulous!

  12. This is such a delicate and beautiful sandwich! I am really glad you’re doing what you love and your new photo studio looks great!

  13. Good morning, just saw this on the Top 9, congratulations to you. This is a lovely looking sndwich you’ve created and your photos are fantastic. I sure wish I had the space to have an acutual studio to work in, LOL. I am loving your gazebo idea, sound wonderful. Hope you have a fine weekend.

  14. Giulia, I love your work in progres 🙂 It’s amazing when you have time to do what you want, every day long 🙂 Ah, I can’t wait summer to be free as you!
    I love this sendwich, especially this bread 🙂

  15. I frequent quite a few great food blogs, but yours always gives me a special feeling (and makes me very hungry – I bought the ingredients to make this sandwich today, and I have begun my sourdough starter!). Your joy and lovely personality shine through!! I’m also loving that I can read the Italian version first, as my boyfriend is Italian and I have been learning the language. 🙂 I sent him the link to this last entry night and the bread made his mouth water! Wonderful job, Guilia!

    1. Stephanie, your comments really make me blush, and happy, and joyful! good luck and enjoy the sourdough starter, it will bring you lots of fun!

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