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Citrus Restaurant – Juls&Là adventures

In the days of the swimming fanclub Juls&Là traveled through the world Europe for swimming competitions and more and less important trophies, carrying with them the tricolor flag and their voices, ready to support their favorites… then the vicissitudes of life had led them to other choices, because some passions are energy consuming and request committment and time, hard to find when the serious work began to be more and more demanding! But the two heroines have not stopped travelling and tasting the world, since they are not just  inseparable friends but two souls hungry for life, tastes and smells …

In July, through a mutual friend, I was invited in the restaurant Citrus in Marsciano. It is about two hours away from home, so it seemed natural to involve Là – in order to have a traveling and out of tune songs companion – in what proved to be an exciting afternoon and evening!

Two words on the itinerary: wonderful! Umbria is really beautiful, its nature is blooming, compared to Tuscany has something more wild, spontaneous, natural, that makes it fascinating and every time leaves you open-mouthed, with its small villages, forests, art, history, countryside and Trasimeno Lake… in a small village, Marciano (PG), there is Citrus, a restaurant, brasserie and wine bar  born in 2009, which focuses on local products quality, local  flavors and traditions contaminated by influences from distant countries. Anyone who knows me knows that these are the conditions enough to conquer me, and the Citrus staff succeeded in it!

The menu has a wide choice, but luckily we were well recommended and we have chosen two appetizers able to represent fully the spirit of Citrus: a bowl of pork terrine with fresh fruit chutney, combining local flavors with the Anglo-Saxon spirit, and Tomino with pine nuts and beetroot, soft and caressing.

That evening chef, the young and talented English chef Luke Robinson, prepared for us a gazpacho with clams… all the gazpacho eaten in Barcelona are pale and tasteless compared with this velvety, fresh, full of scents and Mediterranean gazpacho.

Main dishes of the dinner were a warm salad of duck and orange, a fresh and modern version that reinterprets the classic dish, and a rooster marinated with lemon on potato salad… you could tell that this cock had grader in the fields around Marsciano, the meat was tender and delicious, healthy…

Obviously we have not forgotten the dessert! Seen the name of the restaurant, we did not miss the tarte au citron with ice cream, good, fresh with the taste of homemade cakes and the sharp and persistent accent of lemon to successfully conclude the meal, and a biscuit with ice cream and apricots, a fruity and delicious dessert.

Thanks for the wonderful reception, we will come back soon to experience the autumn menu! And now I leave the word to my friend Laura to help me describing this unforgettable day:

A car trip as Thelma and Louise between sun, rain, sultriness and good food. This is in short a lovely evening with my inseparable friend, travel, study and swimming supporting companion.. and last but not least, a FOOD TOUR friend!

Citrus is a place that reflects in its refined simplicity the food it’s offering. The chefs present dishes made with simple and high quality ingredients that enhance each other in a marriage of tastes and sensations of hot and cold, crunchy and soft, sweet and sour.

A tip: Try the gazpacho!

CITRUS In Cruciani Palace

Viale della Vittoria, 29 06055 Marsciano (Perugia)

Tel: (+39) 075 874 1290

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  1. I think I may be blame for all this – I suggested to Luke years ago when we were all in Sheffield that he should apply for Jamie Oliver’s 15 training programme. He did and succeeded brilliantly. The only thing is, Luke is keen on Umbria whereas I love cucina bolognese and am writing a book about it.

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