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Fresh Pasta: the Monthly Mingle round-up!

Thank you everyone for attending the Fresh Pasta Monthly Mingle and thank you Meeta for letting me host this event, I really enjoyed seeing so many recipes, all inspired by the most genuine flavours, the best seasonal ingredients and the deepest passion for cooking and food. I am honoured to have been the hostess of such an event. And now, without further ado, let me introduce you all the contributors to the Monthly Mingle!

Michelle, at Food, Football and a Baby, treats us with a delicious dish of Tagliatelle with a Sundried Tomato and Olive Pesto. I love the texture of her tagliatelle!

Stuart, at Appledrane, one of the photographers I admire the most, makes one of the most refined and tasteful dishes, Orecchiette with braised rabbit, wild fennel and red clover flowers. Meat sauce made with rabbit is one of my favourite dressings for pasta.

Tandy, at Lavender and lime, has really left me speechless with her Boudin Blanc Ravioli with a Sage Beurre Noisette, such an unusual filling for perfectly shaped ravioli.

Now it’s the turn of gnocchi: Krista, at The beet reporter, gives a special interpretation of this typical recipe with her pan-fried gnocchi with summer vegetables.

Treat and Trick has made a very interesting variation of fresh pasta making egg-less pasta, a tasteful Spicy Fresh Pasta with Tomato.

The sweet Laura at Gourmette NYC has presented an absolutely gorgeous and well described recipe, yogurt-mint tagliatelle. Peas and mint are a great combo, one of my favourite!

Ren at Fabulicious Food really impressed me. This is not just the excellent pasta nor the technique, but the wonderful aromas and atmosphere you breath with her Fresh Pasta with Asparagus, Goat’s Cheese and Lemon. Amazing result, delicious dish and absolutely Italian taste!

Another impressive recipe thanks to Sally at My Custard Pie. She made me salivating with this so fresh and Italian Pasta Genovese: a perfect texture and seasoning!

Astrid at Paulchen’s FoodBlog?! introduces some spices into the fresh home made pasta for an unusual and captivating result. Her Spiced Pasta with Bacon and Cream Sauce is definitely worth a try.

Who said pasta was Italian business? Meeta, our queen of the Monthly Mingle, challenged us with fresh German pasta, a dish of the most appetizing Gruyere Bacon Leek and Sun Dried Tomato Spätzle.

Last but not least, my dear friend Zita, at Zizi’s Adventures. Promise me to make me this Creamy avocado macaroni next August when we will finally meet in London!

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  1. A lovely roundup and well worth the wait. Thank you everyone for taking part with such extravagant creations. Juls thank you for being a great hostess!

  2. Your topic inspired so many wonderful dishes here. Thanks for being a great hostess – loved being part of this challenge and my pasta machine is no longer at the back of my cupboard: this reminded me to make fresh pasta more often.

    So many new blogs to visit too…

  3. I promise I will cook it for you. Sari will make the fresh pasta with her pasta machine and I will make the sauce! 🙂

  4. This all looks amazing–I’m really salivating over the rabbit orechiette and I just ate lunch! My attempts at fresh pasta still end in clumps of dough and frustration, but this inspires me to try it again.

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