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Summer RoundUp #6: Sweden, Ilva {Lucullian Delights}

Time to visit another country, time to pack up curiosity and enthusiasm to discover Sweden through Ilva’s word. Ilva, whose fantastic blog, Lucullian Delights, an Italian Experience, is one of my favourite ever, is an exceptional foodblogger and photographer, but her high professionalism always comes along with kindness, sensibility and friendship. So, let’s pass the word on Ilva!

I was really happy when our lovely Juls asked me to do a guest blog post here because in this way I could do what I usually do every summer but not this year – I could make a virtual journey to my country of origin, Sweden. Summer is the best season in Sweden, life is so much easier, the light is all over and all the time, well almost at least and the only thing is that you really don’t know if the weather will be with you or against you!

seagulls and lamp shop 

I rarely think about me being a Swede, living abroad have somehow made me much less nationalistic than I once was, not that I was that nationalistic but I felt more for Sweden. I am not one of those expats who celebrate their countries various national holidays and traditions, I do it when I am in Sweden but not here in Italy and to be honest I feel much better for it! Sounds bad? Not really, I really love being in Sweden and my children all want to live there one day which makes me happy though I think they might change their minds after spending a whole year there, including winter.

let's go tripping

I hope my photos will give you a feeling of my Sweden, a place embraced by nature and with a relaxing calm, and that you will be able to go there one day!

Lingonberry Cookies With Pine Nuts

I wanted to create something very Swedish for Juls and you and the most Swedish food I can think of is Lingonberries, a red berry that grows in the deep woods and that has this nice acid tang it. You usually make jam out of them but you use that not only for sweet things but serve them with meatballs and other savoury dishes as well. Here I made a cookie and to give a little Italian twist to them, I added pine nuts!

Lingonberry Cookies with Pine Nuts

  • 150 g / 5 3/8 oz salted butter
  • 100 g / 3 1/2 oz sugar
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 3oo g / 10 5/8 plain flour
  • lingonberry jam, you can find that at IKEA
  • pine nuts

Stir butter and sugar creamy, don’t stir too much. Add the egg yolk and mix it until creamy.
Add flour and work the dough until it’s smooth.
Roll it out with a rolling pin and cut out the forms you want, I’m getting old, romantic and soppy so I obviously made hearts. Put them on a baking sheet.
Put a small spoonful of lingonberry jam in the middle of each cookie.
Sprinkle the cookies with pine nuts and bake in a pre-heated oven at 175°C/350°F for 8-10 minutes.

Midummer table

Thank you Ilva for this delicious recipe! Now I leave you with a few amazing pictures that, I’m sure, will make you grab your passport and run to the nearest airport to reach Sweden!

at the lake

sailing boat

Swedish summer1


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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Thank you Juls and Ilva for this beautiful guest post bursting with Scandinavian vibes! I love Scandinavia and I was lucky enough to visit Sweden several times. This post brought back lovely memories!

  2. Hi Juls – I just found your blog through White on Rice and I love it!
    Can’t wait to catch up on your back log…

  3. Ilva, Beautiful shots. Incidentally I am going to Sweden in September for the first time. i am soo excited about it. Loved this recipe. i did once buy the jam from IKEA and had it on toast . It is such a great idea to use it like this.

    Jul’s, thank you for this love event where you bring different bloggers in.

  4. Hi Juls, I came over via Lucillian Delights, which i have been following for a long time now. I love Ilva’s photos , who writings and her recipes. I think her blog is just getting better and better, .. so great that she was a guest blogger for you 🙂

  5. Hey juls, I came through ilva’s blog too and am very glad to have found you.

    I actually brought the lingonberry jam with me to the Bahamas and it’s been lurking in my fridge for a while, so this is a perfect recipe for me! Thank you both and happy cooking…

  6. I’m SO happy that everyone loved this post as much as I did! But I had no doubt, Ilva is a guarantee!
    Happy to meet new people through this cooperation! 🙂 Thanks everyone!

  7. A big thank you to Giulia and to all of you for your lovely comments, what a joy this have been and is!

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