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Chickpea Soup With Cod

Chickpea soup with cod

One of the elements of the Tuscan cuisine that most fascinates me and makes me proud is that there are just a few rules, but they are to be regarded as a dogma. These rules describe concisely - through the pairing of ingredients, herbs and spices - our culinary culture…

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The roots. Jersusalem artichokes soup

Zuppa di Topinambur

Jasmin and Manuel’ s contest, Taking roots, organized to celebrate their first Labna blogiversary, was definitely my cup of tea for two reasons:

– the roots are essential for all of us, your family build them up for you day after day, they give you the sap to grow, the minerals from the home soil to fortify you and the strength necessary to let you fly;

– the roots are magical, they contain the power of Mother Earth, they are used in potions and spells, in fairies’ decoctions, they are the basic ingredients of the people of the woods diet, the long legs of the trees supposed to defend the forest.

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Butternut squash soup and chicken meatballs

Last week of work before Christmas, here we start to deal with dinners to exchange greetings with colleagues, friends from elementary school, high school and college, family friends, close and less close relatives, new acquaintances and happy hours under the Christmas tree. This is the reason I'm presenting you a recipe to face this social life alarm: the idea is to have a light meal…

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Carrot Soup

Good morning, good morning! And Good maniac monday too! Can I write a rapid post, can’t I? It’s such a frantic and happy period, lots of things to do, and I love doing things, being occupied with the things I love, and with my friends, too! On Sunday I organized a brunch for a friend’s Bday, it’s so amazing do what you like with your friends! I mean, cooking is great, but cooking for someone you care andseeing them happy for what you do, it’s glorious!

So, since I’m in a hurry and I got a cold, again, let’s warm the day with a velvety soup, with a warm and appetizing color, a soft and smooth consistency, a spicy and tempting flavour.

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