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Welcome to Juls’ Kitchen. My name is Giulia Scarpaleggia, I am an optimist, a dreamer, a 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 year old full-time food blogger. I am the one who appears in the reflections of the spoons in this blog’s photos and – I have to admit it – I am also responsible for the missing slices in each cake.

I live in Tuscany, in the countryside between Siena and Florence, I dream of a blooming vegetable garden, though I am content with a brick wall crammed with pots of fresh herbs and a rhubarb plant that suffers from the heat.

At high school I studied Latin and Greek for 5 years, but I fell in love with English. I wanted to be an architect and a forester. Then I took a Master’s of Science in Communication. I dreamt to be like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, but after six years as an employee and event organizer I eventually understood that it was not my cup of tea. I read cinema magazines for years, learning the names of every actor and director by heart. I opened a swimming fan club with my best friend, and for four years this took us around Italy – and Europe – to cheer up the Italian team with the national flag painted on our faces. I attended an advanced English course, a graphics course and a wedding planner workshop.

It has been hard to find my place in the world, but eventually I discovered what I was meant to be and what makes me happy. Looking back, there was a constant in my life: a passion for food and cooking since I was a little girl.

In February 2009 I opened my blog, Juls’ Kitchen, in order to give a voice to this passion. Then I learnt to express it through words and images. Now Juls’ Kitchen is a diary of my life in Tuscany as seen through my experiences with food.

In January 2012 I turned my passion into a job: now I am a freelance food writer. I develop recipes for magazines and companies and I am a Tuscan cooking class instructor for foreigners and Italians. In other words, I cook every day, I take photos when there’s enough light, I write too much and I eat with pleasure. I have fun and enjoy every single moment, cherishing every day.

tommasoTommaso “tommyonweb” Galli

I was born in Florence, but I am partially from Salento, Apulia. For this reason I love eating rustici and pasticciotti.

Usually, when I’m asked “…and what do you do?”, my answer is: “I taste”. I know it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it, especially when you have chosen a food blogger as a life partner. The downside is that most of the time I eat everything cold and at unreasonable hours. I am also the one maintaining in a precarious balance heavy trays in photo shoots until I can not feel my arms anymore, or holding forks or pans as a circus contortionist.

Food aside, I give my contribution to Juls’ Kitchen with my experience and passion for Digital Communication. I manage the social channels and I help Giulia with the editorial plan and with the development of new projects. We also teach workshops and food writing courses together. I am also an amateur graphic designer and video maker, as I am the man behind the camera when we film our video recipes (I wonder if I’ll ever receive a star on the Valdelsa Walk of Fame).

Read more about me on my blog.

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