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Strawberry French Toast, made with Italian ‘colomba’

Two quick premises: one year ago a terrible earthquake destroyed the beautiful city of L’Aquila and the surroundings country, towns and villages in Abruzzo. The whole country was terribly moved by this event, and everyone tried to do his best to support the renaissance of life and hope in Abruzzo. Things are going really slow, and everyone’s efforts are requested to let peopole come back to their normal daily life.  A group of foodbloggers decided to give birth to 99 colombe, to help a local sweet factory, Sorelle Nurzia, to step back from the crisis.

99 as the number of taps into the famous L’Aquila fountain; colombe, the plural form for colomba, dove, it’s a traditional Easter recipe, a sweet bread shaped like a dove. The intent of 99 colombe is not to promote a one-off sale, but to spread the knowledge and the name of the company and its products – usually very popular but in a limited area –  outside its traditional context.

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