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Fresh Pasta Cooking Class

Fresh Pasta Cooking Class

Join us for a three-hour hands-on fresh pasta cooking class. We will explore the wonderful world of traditional fresh pasta. We will learn together how to make three different types…

Fresh Pasta: The Monthly Mingle Round-up!

Fresh Pasta: the Monthly Mingle round-up!

Thank you everyone for attending the Fresh Pasta Monthly Mingle and thank you Meeta for letting me host this event, I really enjoyed seeing so many recipes, all inspired by the most…

Fresh Spelt Pasta With Dried Mushrooms Dressing

Fresh spelt pasta with dried mushrooms dressing

Yet Emiko said it: don't spread yourself too thin. Do not use all of your strength committing yourself into too many activities, otherwise at some point all your energy will slip out…

Cappelletti. Fresh Filled Pasta

Cappelletti. Fresh filled pasta

A yawn, the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen, my eyes opening slowly on the new day and the new year begins. No fireworks, pin-wheels and spangles, this new year begins quiet, slow, curious, reflective and happy. This brand new year makes its first steps with sunny days and a new dress for Juls' Kitchen,…

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