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Six Years Of Juls’ Kitchen

Six years of Juls’ Kitchen

Today Juls' Kitchen is 6 years old. There have been 537 blog posts, 6.846 comments, countless important friendships born across different seas and continents, or simply across the Apennines. A few blog…

Books, Roast Chicken And A Farewell

Books, roast chicken and a farewell

When I was a child bookshelves at home were overfilled with home magazines, cars magazines, books and an old cooking encyclopedia my mum bought before getting married: a few issues…

Grab Your Spoon. Chocolate Pudding

Grab your spoon. Chocolate pudding

In how many ways can you eat your dessert? You can stuff your mouth with chocolates and pralines, tiny puff pastries and tartlets overfilled with custard, meringue kisses, cookies and…

Carnival Rice Fritters

Carnival rice fritters

Siena, outdoor location shots, winter. The Sienese people, the University students and the few tourists that in this time of the year are forced to pass through the tiny shadowy…

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