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Fettunta Party 2010 – A few shots

I was going to make a post full of words, feelings, emotions … but I was overcome by sleep, by too much *delicious* food and too much happiness for this beautiful afternoon, so I decided to leave the task to explain this party to my photos. I think they quite faithfully represent the good atmosphere that has developed between us and the sumptuous buffet that has been graduallyset up, through the contributions of all of us!

First of all, bruschetta, or fettunta, barbecued by Dad, then here’s an idea of what we ate .. not everything on the table was photographed, for example I couldn’t take a picture of the spectacular couscous brought by Stefania, it was finished in a moment!

Savoury buffet:

  1. Muffins with smoked bacon and smoked scamorza (firm cheese) (Juls)
  2. OPS! a delicios banana and coconut cake baked by Elga (ok, I made a mistake, it was supposed to be in another photo composition, but I was almost asleep!)
  3. Lumachelle orvietane (Aurelia)
  4. Crostini with liver made according to the Renaissance style  (Corrado)
  5. Ferrara Bread (Elga)
  6. Salami (Laura)
  7. Cake with gouda cheese, savoy and cumin (Chiara)
  8. Lasagne (Elga)

Sweet Buffet:

  1. Prato cookies (Aurelia)
  2. Oat and chocolate cookies (Francesca)
  3. Chocolate and Cream puffs (Stefania)
  4. Peanut butter and white chocolate cookies (Laura)
  5. Sugar cake with walnuts (Laura)
  6. Charamel brownies  (Laura)
  7. Double Chocolate brownies (Laura)
  8. Chocolate drops Muffins (Jasmine)
  9. Vanilla, strawberries and white chocolate cake  (Chiara)
  10. Lemon curd cream mousse with sautée fruit (Juls)

… And finally Silvia’s masterpiece!

Then a roundup of all of us, intent on talking, eating, exchanging views and experiences … no, ok, I confess! The activity that we liked the most was eating! The food was so plentiful that 20 more people would have enjoyed the buffet as well, not considering the large number of doggy bags we managed to do!

Here a list of partecipants, foodbloggers or foodies:

Thanks to everyone who was there, thank to those who wanted to come but who couldn’t make it, and thanks to those who’ll certainly be there next time, because that’s for sure, soon there will be a fourth edition of Fettunta Party!

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