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Tiramisu with blood orange juice – Guest Post @ Bellalimento

This week Juls’ Kitchen gets very international! Paula has definitely been my first international contact, she’s gifted with creativity, patience, kindness and a mouth-watering ability to capture with her words and recipes the luscious side of life. She’s been a lovely guest at Juls’ Kitchen with her Strawberry Shortcake, so I was immediately ready to answer YES! when she asked me to contribute with a guest post here.

Obviously I wanted to offer Paula something Italian for my guest post, as Paula has the Italian style carved all over her blog and recipes. I wanted to put a twist on a traditional recipe as well, as tradition and rules are very important to be followed, but innovation brings new life and let us discover new and delicious combination of flavours.

Name an Italian dessert, just one, and I bet that one person out of two will surely answer your question with the sweet and smooth tiramisu and a wide smile, foretasting the pleasure of a velvety cream and the dark bitter aroma of coffee. What is the key to success of tiramisu? Why people from all over the world look at this Italian dessert like one of the most luscious and sensual desserts ever? I think the reason lays into its structure, lights and shadows into the same spoonful, the perfect marriage of bitter and sweet.

So come on over with me to discover this luscious recipe at Paula –>

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  1. @ Rosa: thank you Rosa, I love your blog, your photos, the atmosphere!
    @ Tiina: Honey, thank you!
    @ Paula: grazie a te!

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