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Florentine’s style dried cod

dried cod following the Florentine's way

In my family the dried salted cod expert was granddad Remigio, my mum’s dad. My grandfather Remigio used to live all alone in San Gimignano. He brought my mum and Aunt Silvana up all by himself. He was a man of old times, a mason, but he was also very good at cooking. I still can taste his sliced meat breaded and fried then cooked with tomato sauce. It was soft and cooked in a red enamelled pan: it is an unforgettable memory.

He used to have a peculiar breakfast coming home from his vegetable garden: Tuscan bread, tomatoes and onion. He loved dried cod and herring: he used to fry herring in his tiny kitchen and you could tell it from miles – the whole house was surrounded by a pungent smell and a thick smoke.

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Nonna Menna’s Kitchen: pici pasta

Today we’ll hit the second episode of our Tuscan cooking session.

It is worth saying though that “tuscan cooking” it is not really an appropriate way to define it..or better..them!! I’ll try to explain.. if you’ll ask my granny: ‘Grandma, let’s do a tuscan cooking column…What could we prepare? ..why not make a delicious trippa? She would answer..”what?? Trippa is from Florence, it is not a local dish then! (about 35 km n.d.r)”. Tuscany, as used to be a Gran Duchy, it is still..nowadays, ideally divided in different traditions, habits, customs.. that still oppose, even in the cooking way, Siena to Florence, or Pisa to Arezzo…
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