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Sunday in Panzano in Chianti

This Wednesday I wont' tell you a Tuscan recipe and I wont' loose myself into my Grandma's memories, this Wednesday I'm going to take you all in my car and bring you with me for a ride in the Chiantishire, living again the amazing trip I had on Sunday with…

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Confessions of a former teetotaler

Who belong to all those little glasses filled with such a wonderful liquid, rich in flavors, aromas, sensations and emotions? MINE! Oh no, don't look at me with those faces, with mocking irony, asking me with a naive look: but really you? Giulia the teetotaler? the one that at parties…

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Scotland – My Scrapbook


Finally it’s time to face my travel and give you a short view of my holidays in Scotland, through pictures and sensations, to make it even more real! My friend Federica and I used to dream about this holidays at high school, and finally we managed to do it, after ten years! We have travelled with our friend Simona with us, in our mind and heart… she was supposed to come with us, as she was the third Musketeer at high school, but she was busy with something far more important: our sweet six month old niece!

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