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Tiny cakes with apples and carrots

Don’t you know? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the first one, the one that charges you with sparkling nergy. At home, we strongly belive in the power of breakfast, even if we have slightly different habits about this moment of the day. Mum loves having her breakfast all alone, reading a book, with hot milk and coffee.

As regards my father, Claudia and me… the story is totally different. We love taking our time, haveing breakfast in the garden, with juices, toasted bread and jams. These tiny cakes are perfect for one of our breakfast glorious moments!

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Molleux a la banane

Here I am, after a relaxing weekend. No computer, no stress. Just countryside and village festivals. On Sunday I tried this recipe form the French Saveur: it was calling me from inside the pages and I couldn’t help! Thanks to Claudia, who translated for me the recipe, we baked a scrumptious Molleux a la banane!

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Dark Chocolate Meringue Tart

Born as a strawberry tart, it has become a dark chocolate meringue tart thanks to the allergy of a friend! It is a dessert and a gift, made to thanks Maura and Grazia, granny’s friends, who visited us last week. They are incredible story tellers, you can listen to them for hours, lost in their magic and enchanted world, made of memories and past life experiences.
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Banana muffins

Reading The tea house on Mulberry Street I came across banana muffins and I was so eager to try them! They’re sunny, as the banana is, and they smell of topics. They come at the end of an hard working period… so here the recipe for my first gathering, the one helded by Gialla tra i fornelli!


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Crepes Cake

.. here I am again, this time back from Trieste, where I’ve been to the Olio Capitale fair: I do love fairs! This is my father’s birthday cake, made on Wednesday evening before to leave to Trieste: it is based on a Cavoletto’s recipe that I used to keep here, waiting to find the right moment to try it!
My daddy has therefore celebrated his birthday with a ricotta cheese and chocolate crepes cake.

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