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Lunch box, episode 2

Here the second episode of my office lunch box. This time, have a look outside my windows, since you already know my computer. This is one of the most classic omelette, a potato omelette, slightly varied to be more lighter but more satisfying. As usual, it is made the day…

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…and the adventure begins!

It's official! From tomorrow, and on every Wednesdays from now on, I'll be on Made in Kitchen with my own 'column' dedicated to the tuscan food and cooking. I'm really happy and thrilled about that: it would be a real discovery, for me and for you! I'll keep on posting…

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Molleux a la banane

Here I am, after a relaxing weekend. No computer, no stress. Just countryside and village festivals. On Sunday I tried this recipe form the French Saveur: it was calling me from inside the pages and I couldn't help! Thanks to Claudia, who translated for me the recipe, we baked a…

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Dark Chocolate Meringue Tart

Born as a strawberry tart, it has become a dark chocolate meringue tart thanks to the allergy of a friend! It is a dessert and a gift, made to thanks Maura and Grazia, granny's friends, who visited us last week. They are incredible story tellers, you can listen to them…

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Lost Quinoa

This is the second time I cooked quinoa. The first one was a lost quinoa, because I haven't had the chance to taste it, since my hungry parents and sister gobbled everything up before I came back home! ::::: PEPPERS AND SHRIMPS QUINOA :::: Ingredients (serves 4): quinoa, 300 gr…

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My office lunch

This is my today's lunch in the office. My mum makes my pocket lunch every evening but yesterday I was feeling like having some sesame chicken and so I made my lunch myself, using the nicest tupperwares I had (pink, obviously!). We have a microwave in the office, so at…

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