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Banana muffins

Reading The tea house on Mulberry Street I came across banana muffins and I was so eager to try them! They’re sunny, as the banana is, and they smell of topics. They come at the end of an hard working period… so here the recipe for my first gathering, the one helded by Gialla tra i fornelli!


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Crepes Cake

.. here I am again, this time back from Trieste, where I’ve been to the Olio Capitale fair: I do love fairs! This is my father’s birthday cake, made on Wednesday evening before to leave to Trieste: it is based on a Cavoletto’s recipe that I used to keep here, waiting to find the right moment to try it!
My daddy has therefore celebrated his birthday with a ricotta cheese and chocolate crepes cake.

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Cinnamon little wheels

Sunday it’s the familiy day: usually my uncles come to visit, but today was a special day… the cousins were coming too!In the living room, with the fireplace, we were more or less twenty.I love thise afteroon because I can spend all the morning cooking in the kitchen: we have guests, eh!

I decided to use some leftover pastry to make cinnamon and apricot jam biscuits to serve with a cup of tea: it should be a real English afternoon.
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Chinese Fried Rice

Today it’s really cold outside, 6 degrees under zero they say, but you can see each and every single star in the sky. Besides that, today, coming back from work, I was wandering delighted in the landscape with my eyes: everything was soft, pink and delicate, as it was already spring.
I felt like cooking something light and springlike, but in the meantime fun, to cuddle my beloved sister, already worried by her high school final exams.
As we both are passionate of chinese food, what better than a revised Cantonese fried rice?

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