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Rose cake

If you want something to raise, don’t call me. Me and yeast it’s like Superman and kryptonite. I’ve always been frightened by recipes asking for something to raise, until several people told me to face the experience with calm and serenity. And so did I. The chance was Mother’s Day some weeks ago. My mum is passionate about roses: she has bushes of roses all around in the garden: pink, red, yellow and white. We love each other even if when talk we always seem fighting about something. The rose cake was the perfect cake for mum.
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A cake for dummies

This is a typical cake from Sardinian, made with fresh ricotta cheese. You can use sheep ricotta cheese as required by the recipe, but I tried it with goat ricotta cheese and it has become a very peculiar cake, with a strong and intense flavour, but really delicious. It is a cake for dummies: easy ingredients, easy making and easy baking.

I managed to have a perfect cake even if I chose a wrong mould, definitely too small, and I kept on opening the oven to remove living mixture poring out from the mould as lava from an Hawaiian volcano! So, the only advice is: use a proper plum cake mould, look after the size!

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Nonna Menna’s Kitchen: pici pasta

Today we’ll hit the second episode of our Tuscan cooking session.

It is worth saying though that “tuscan cooking” it is not really an appropriate way to define it..or better..them!! I’ll try to explain.. if you’ll ask my granny: ‘Grandma, let’s do a tuscan cooking column…What could we prepare? ..why not make a delicious trippa? She would answer..”what?? Trippa is from Florence, it is not a local dish then! (about 35 km n.d.r)”. Tuscany, as used to be a Gran Duchy, it is still..nowadays, ideally divided in different traditions, habits, customs.. that still oppose, even in the cooking way, Siena to Florence, or Pisa to Arezzo…
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Lunch box, episode 2

Here the second episode of my office lunch box. This time, have a look outside my windows, since you already know my computer.
This is one of the most classic omelette, a potato omelette, slightly varied to be more lighter but more satisfying.
As usual, it is made the day before and warmed up in the microwave, and you get a just made omelette! Eat it with a side salad of lattuce and carrots and you’ll have a complete but light meal.

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Tiny cakes with apples and carrots

Don’t you know? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the first one, the one that charges you with sparkling nergy. At home, we strongly belive in the power of breakfast, even if we have slightly different habits about this moment of the day. Mum loves having her breakfast all alone, reading a book, with hot milk and coffee.

As regards my father, Claudia and me… the story is totally different. We love taking our time, haveing breakfast in the garden, with juices, toasted bread and jams. These tiny cakes are perfect for one of our breakfast glorious moments!

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…and the adventure begins!

It’s official!
From tomorrow, and on every Wednesdays from now on, I’ll be on Made in Kitchen with my own ‘column’ dedicated to the tuscan food and cooking.
I’m really happy and thrilled about that: it would be a real discovery, for me and for you! I’ll keep on posting the English version here, don’t worry.

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