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Flowers In A Shortbread!

Flowers in a shortbread!

I took this recipe from the French Saveur, making some little changes.
I have
used unsalted butter and a teaspoon of salt instead of demi-sel butter, as requested by the recipe: you could sense salt chrystals on your tongue and beneath your teeth while tasting the cookies, so I will make this change again, for sue, such a good sensation!
Beside that, instead of jasmin tea I have used a ‘spring’ herbal tea that Claudia bought in German: it contains apple chunks, bramblerose peel, hibiscus flowers, mallow flowers, marigold flowers and caramel.
Well, let’s hit the recipe.
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This is a dedicated post, as these crostini.
First, to
Babs (have I ever told you she’s great? have you seen her web site? not yet? com’on! what are you waiting for?) who made me discover a real love for greek yoghurt, Fage to be pricise. Since I’ve met her, I use Greek yoghurt in muffins, in sweet and savory cakes, I’ve made delicious but light desserts with fresh fruits and greek yoghurt, I have eaten it for breakfast with just a dollop of honey…

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Grandma Menna’s Kitchen: Fricassee Boiled Beef

Grandma Menna’s Kitchen: fricassee boiled beef

Granny was born and grown up in the countryside, in the same hamlet where my father was born and grown up and where I still live now, in the house that used to be a stable many years ago.

In my grandmother’s house used to live three generations together: there was her grandfather Tommaso – such a modern and up-to-date man, the first one to built an inner bathroom in the house in the whole hamlet -, then Pietro, Tommaso’s son and granny’s father, then granny Marcella, the only child, and a girl, indeed!
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Green Velvet

Green velvet

I’m always in search of something light and velvety, something that makes me feel good and free as a butterfly, something enjoying to cook and to eat, something fun, but that can also clean my coscience.
Yesterday I was lost in this quest, when Aunt Teresa suggested me this soup, made with leftover vegetables in your fridge. A touch of India, and here you have a velvety soup that keeps all the promises!

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Palau de la Musica catalana

Summer is coming, and when I look back on last year holidays, I can’t stop dreaming about my first solo holidays with my sister: three days in Barcelona. We loved everything, especially the huge market La Boqueria. We tried everything, from smoothies to chorizo pizza, to fresh fruit salads. We loved the buzz, the joy, the kindness of people working there.
As I had some leftover dried cod, Claudia asked me to make some cod and potato cakes, like the ones we ate in Barcelona as tapas.

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