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Marble Pound Cake To Celebrate My Birthday

Marble pound cake to celebrate my birthday

I thought this would be a birthday without a cake, a low key celebration, I didn't feel like making anything special. Yesterday I went to bed feeling not as excited…

Citrus Pound Cake. Where Everything Began.

Citrus pound cake. Where everything began.

It's been two years since I celebrated my first new year's eve surrounded by the snow in the mountains of Trentino, with a new group of friends. I had met them a…

Apple And Cinnamon Pound Cake

Apple and cinnamon pound cake

Hello from London. Four lines just to tell you that the book translation goes on, though slowly, I leave rarely the house - consider me crazy, if you want -…

Strawberry And Mascarpone Pound Cake

Strawberry and mascarpone pound cake

It is already a month that Claudia left for her Erasmus semester in Germany. I cannot believe I managed not to talk about this situation until now. Knowing me, I…

A Carrot Cake. When Simplicity Wins.

A carrot cake. When simplicity wins.

Our life has changed and I guess that the only way to keep showing up here is to keep it simple, just like this carrot cake. On August, the 28th…

Ricotta Crumb Cake. A Summer Love Affair

Ricotta crumb cake. A summer love affair

It was the beginning of June, summer was nothing more than a promise in the air. Tommaso and I drove to Val d’Orcia to meet Sabrina and Barbara, the two…

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