Grandma Menna’s Kitchen: tomato eggs

Date agosto 26, 2009

Nice to see you all again! Finally I’m back with my Tuscan recipes… There are three recipes waiting on my desktop to be translated, I hope to to be able to publish them as soon as possible, even more than one per week!

Tuscan cooking is really related to the vegetable garden and its seasonal products. In the summertime we have always fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, french beans and zucchini: as a matter of fact, many traditional dishes save the freshness and purity of the basic vegetable, celebrating its simplicity, as panzanella for tomatoes.

Grandma has a grren thumb, actually she has a green hand! Her hydrangeas are famous in the village, her stork’s bills are bright and blooming all summer long, since she dedicates the fresh hours of the day to water each and every single plant of the garden, from lavender to basil to roses, passing through my herbs (the Supreme Court has given her my herbs, as I’m not a good Mother Nature).

Our vegetable garden has always fascinated me, since I used to go there watching Grandma watering tomatoes. I loved stealing green tomatoes to eat them bite by bite. My favourite one was parsley: if you passed your hand lightly over it, it would thickle you.

During my holidays Grandma was away to visit her relatives, so the vegetable garden was under my custody. Watering the garden in the last bright hours of the day, feeling the fresh smell of wet soil, watching red ripe tomatoes looking at you between the green leaves has reminded me of one of the dishes Grandma used to make with fresh tomatoes and eggs.

::::: TOMATO EGGS :::::


  • eggs, 2
  • medium ripe tomatoes, 4
  • garlic, 1 clove
  • extravirgin olive oil
  • basil
  • salt&pepper

Cut tomatoes in small pieces. Heat some tablespoons of extravirgin olive oil in a large pan and add a clove of garlic. When the garlic gets golden, add tomatoes, season with salt and let cook stirring frequently for at least 10 minutes. Remove garlic.

When the tomatoes are soft and are as a thick sauce, it’s the moment to face the eggs. Split the yolk and the white of the eggs. Save the yolks for later. Pour the whites into the tomato sauce and stir quickly to mix. Cover the pan and let thicken.

When the egg whites are cooked through, put the egg yolks in the middle and let cook as long as you like them: for me 30 seconds are enough! Season with salt and pepper and some basil leaves and eat warm, with a good slice of bread.

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9 Responses to “Grandma Menna’s Kitchen: tomato eggs”

  1. Mathilde's Cuisine said:

    Your grandma must be a wonderful person to have such great ideas. It looks absolutely gorgeous and my husband, being a huge fan of eggs, would love it!


  2. meatlessmama said:

    That looks lovely! There’s nothing better than ingredients you’ve grown and picked yourself!


  3. Rachel J said:

    I could eat this every single morning.


  4. kristen said:

    This looks amazing. Reminds me of a brunch I had recently with poached eggs with grits and a Romesco sauce. Your grandmother sounds like quite the woman!


  5. Marillyn @ just-making-noise said:

    The egg yolk looks beautiful! So round and orange… just the way t is supposed to be! I’m gonna try this soon!


  6. CheapAppetite said:

    This recipe rocks. I never seen eggs prepared this way before. It looks really delicious with the tomatoes.:))


  7. Kitchen design said:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice post.
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  8. sizzlechef said:

    Nice though usually will add prawns as well. Thank you for sharing. Cheers !


  9. Giulia said:

    @ Mathilde: Grandma is great, yeah! I’m happy your husband would love it!

    @ Meatlessmama: you’re right, absolutely!

    @ Kristen: I do love brunch!! and you’re right, they would be great for a brunch!

    @ Marillyn: it is an egg I recived from my neighbour, a farmer! And, by the way, I do love your blog, delicious!

    @ CheapAppetite: never seen? oh my! this is why I love being a foodblogger, youcan discover simple recipes based on other foodblogger memories!

    @ Sizzlechef: prawns?? excellent idea!


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