A Foodblogger Sandwich: Field Salad, Buffalo Fresh Cheese And Sourdough Country Bread

A foodblogger sandwich: field salad, buffalo fresh cheese and sourdough country bread

The awareness came with the spring, after the London euphoria and the snow silent charm. I am doing for living what I wanted to do as a grown-up, I’m finally a full-time foodblogger. There is no glamour in this, or social events and sequins, I just get up and every morning I wear my home uniform (my comfy tracksuit) and an apron because I am pretty clumsy in the kitchen, then I decide what to cook, how to take my pictures, then eventually I sit down and write, with an increasing pleasure every day.

I decided to take a serious pastry course, which shall start in a few months, I put the bookmarks on every recipe I want to cook and on every photograph that has a style I like, I devote some time to learn to do new things – currently my goal is baking with my newly born sourdough starter – I try to slowly built a new rhythm and a tailor-made day.

Even though I truly strive for it, I’m not able to call it an organized day, yet!

I’m just at the beginning now, I used to have a time schedule marked by someone else, so it often happens that I start to cook and time slips out of my hands, while I am lost in my own world made of food, images and words. It also happens that after a morning spent baking and taking pictures of cakes, all I want is a simple sandwich.

But not just any sandwich, I thought as I made it, picking up the cheese crumbs with my fingers, and as I heard the crisp crust of the bread surrendering under the knife with a crackling sound, this is a foodblogger sandwich!

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Smoked Duck Breast & Pomegranate Salad

Smoked duck breast & pomegranate salad

The Middle Ages is one of my favorite periods in history. I still remember that my high school Italian teacher used to tell us that was absolutely wrong to define dark that era, because it was in that very period that the culture was reborn, in abbeys, castles, and the first markets where trading resumed slowly.

Now you would consider me a crazy person, but suspend for a moment any judgments, especially the historical ones… when I saw the pictures and the colours of this pomegranate and smoked duck salad – a magret de canard fumé that comes straight from Paris, a gift from my parents – I thought: this looks like a medieval dish! There is meat and fruit (it is a medieval habit to mix them into the same dish), there is a sense of long nights in dark castles in front of a fireplace, the wind blowing outside, the Lady of the manor housing a pilgrim, seasons going by…

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