Baked Apples After A Walk In The Countryside

Baked apples after a walk in the countryside

Walks in the countryside are a constant in my life. I wear my walking shoes and I go out, and what is a familiar landscape turns into something different in front of my eyes, season after season. It changes when I go out alone with loud music from my headphones to dream or plan, or when I go walking with my friends to show them my corner of heaven, holding my breath to see the effect on them of the landscape that still leaves me speechless. It changes again if I go walking with Noa, she is spellbound when she hears the sound of distant sheep bells, or she follows invisible traces, wagging her tail happily, head down in concentration or high and proud, to breathe in the wind.

During summer the smell of flowers and honey is sweet, in spring Nature explodes and makes you believe that everything is possible, because after the cold months there is always a rebirth. In autumn fiery colours are the dominant of my walks, an incredible and surprising warm palette. In winter, especially on sunny days, country walks still offer other joys: the brisk air on your face, your cheeks bright and pink, a rush of energy that makes you alive after your walk. But above all, let’s face it, I love to come back home and find something warm waiting for me.

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Banana Bread With Chocolate And Macadamia Nuts

Banana bread with chocolate and macadamia nuts

Happiness is baking a banana bread and having a thick slice of it during the golden hour

I am a Tuscan girl but I do not eat pappa al pomodoro every day, even though I could easily survive on that for a week. I try to blog mainly about Tuscan food, because it’s what I know better, what made me who I am now and what gave me a reason to believe in dreams. But if you want to impress me, bring me to a sushi bar for a dinner out, or even a Spanish restaurant could do the trick. Let’s have a gourmet hamburger with homemade ketchup and smelly cheese before heading to Bruce Springsteen’s concert (YAY, less than one month!) or surprise me with a spicy Thai take-away to take my breath away.

So forgive me if today I’m posting a banana bread recipe, no childhood memories related to this moist loaf, and no, you won’t find it in an old grease stained paper menu in a crossroad trattoria in Tuscany. This was my last food crush, and it’s worth of a few words.

I thought you were a banana bread girl, told me Emiko when I sent her an excited message about me baking the very first banana bread of my life (yes, we chat a lot). I was. I even bought a small bag of highly expensive and not at all local macadamia nuts a few days earlier: I knew I would have used them in a banana bread, I just didn’t want to admit it, even to myself.

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