Siena And A Spiced Dried Fruit Compote

Siena and a spiced dried fruit compote

To truly understand the Palio of Siena you must live there. You have to grow up in a contrada, a city quarter, a second extended family where to feel at home, surrounded by friends. You'll recognize the arrival of summer by the tuff laid in Piazza del Campo just a few days before…

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Gifts, Christmas Swaps And Short Pastry Citrus Cookies

Gifts, Christmas swaps and short pastry citrus cookies

I received a gift. I was living one of those moments in your life when you need to find a goal, something to commit for, something so important to deserve sacrifices and long hours of work. I wanted to find out who I was, I wished to be able to define myself through a dream. In that moment, a few years ago, my passion for food, Tuscany and writing lighted up and showed me what was meant to be made.

I realized I had received a gift, I had been living for my whole life in the Tuscan countryside, one of the most beautiful areas of the world. I could share this passion, the love for my region and for our food and our traditions. That could be the goal I was searching for in the past, that could be the reason that would lead my actions, giving a meaning to my everyday life. This will be my job from January, I couldn’t ask for a greater gift than passion!

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