Grab your spoon. Chocolate pudding

Date giugno 17, 2014

In how many ways can you eat your dessert? You can stuff your mouth with chocolates and pralines, tiny puff pastries and tartlets overfilled with custard, meringue kisses, cookies and biscotti or candies and toffees from a paper bag. It is just like with cherries, they go one after the other, and you can’t stop yourself […]

Meringue kisses with icecream and chocolate.

Date giugno 13, 2014

It might be one of the first signs that I am getting old. I am changed, I am not the same person as before, I do not have anymore that resistance I was so proud of. I am not talking about party life resistance, I’ve never been famous for staying up late, dancing until the […]

Chocolate and semolina tart to celebrate Easter and a new book I’m working on!

Date aprile 16, 2014

I got off at the right stop of the metro, I walked for a while along that unknown street in Milan and I started thinking that maybe I had taken the wrong direction. She told me that I would have recognized the tower, but I couldn’t see it, just many big office buildings. I spied […]