Fishballs With Milk Mayonnaise

Fishballs with milk mayonnaise

Every time I tell myself I need to do things slowly, one after another. You just need a bit of organization, don’t you? I bought a black Moleskine on purpose, to scribble down projects, deadlines and ideas (yes, this is the official excuse, the truth is that I like to show it out at every opportunity, I’d love to be called the girl with the black Moleskine*!). Yet every time I find myself flooded with things to do, overlapping deadlines, four windows open on my desktop with a half written post, pictures in post production (what a resounding word, it seems that we are here working on a Vogue photocall!), e-mails to far-away friends and another brilliant blog post that I’d want to comment on.

It happens the same when I’m in the kitchen: I often have only the weekend to try the dozens of recipes going on through my mind during the week, so usually on Saturday mornings I put fire to the kitchen, there’s a pot boiling on the stove, the oven timer rings , the blender is on and there’s a knife dangerously poised on the cutting board. I desperately want to try everything and I invariably find myself in a battlefield.

* Yeah, I’ve read I love shopping, and you?

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Grandma Menna’s Kitchen: Bread, Butter And Anchovies

Grandma Menna’s Kitchen: bread, butter and anchovies

bread butter and anchovies

The praise of simplicity: the snow-white colour of butter,the savoury and frank flavour of anchovies, the joyful vivacity of a caper. There are no more ingredients in this recipe that comes directly from my childhood.

Bread with butter and anchovies is a dish that has entered into our family lately, since in my Grandma family there is no trace of it. She probably learned to make it because someone told her about it, or because she read of it in s cookery book or in a magazine. Since then, once in a while they pop up for a quick break in the afternoon or for a potluck lunch when we have unattended guests.

They are perfect since the butter cherishes your palate while the anchovy tickle your appetite.

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