Less than 5 minutes: turkey salad

Date aprile 12, 2010

First day of work after 10 days off, long sleep, friends, relatives, smiles, walks, plans for the future and… my best friend’s wedding! And now I must return, alas, to my normal and daily life! It is hard, isn’t it? Especially when you’re searching for a new job, as you can’t stand this one any more! Then a really fast post, just to re-enter gradually and slowly into the swirling river that is the universe of foodbloggers, to take confidence with comments, photos, recipes and networking!

This  is one of those last minute hunger-emergency diet-contingency recipe, something really rapid to do but something that let you chew, crunch, giving a little satisfaction to the palate and to the eye, captured by the variety of colors and textures. The ingredients quantity may vary according to taste, the important thing is that the olive oil is extremely good, so it does not cover the vegetables but it brings out the flavors. It is a recipe to invoke spring, to convince this so longed season to stay, warm us with its mild sunrays and let us enjoy longer days!


  • lettuce
  • red chicory
  • fennel
  • green olives ‘Bella di Cerignola’
  • chives
  • burnet
  • cherry tomatoes
  • grilled turkey
  • pine nuts
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • spices

Grill turkey slices without dressing and season only at the end with a dash of extra virgin olive oil and some spices sgood for this kind of meat, such as fennel, savory, rosemary or sage. Meanwhile, rinse and cut lettuce, fennel and tomatoes and put them in a bowl. I also added some beautiful green olives, a variety called Bella di Cerignola from Apulia, huge and meaty. To give a twist of flavor, add pine nuts, chives and burnet, a wonderful fresh herb that tastes like cucumber.

(from left to right, burnet - in Italian pimpinella, and chives - in Italian erba cipollina, ’cause it tastes like cipolla, that is onion!)

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8 Responses to “Less than 5 minutes: turkey salad”

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  2. Sarka said:

    Less than 5 minutes sounds intriguing and the salad looks delicious! I’m actually pretty hungry now! :)


  3. Giulia said:

    @ Sarka: Hungry at 2 o clock in the morning!? eh eh eh


  4. Linn @ Swedish home cooking said:

    Turkey is a great source of protein that more people should use more often. It tastes great and is super healthy!


  5. Meeta said:

    this is my kind of salad! looks amazing and will be my lunch today!


  6. Fuji Mama said:

    Mmmmm, I love salads like this! What a great combination of flavors. I’m going to make this for my family this weekend!


  7. forex robot said:

    nice post. thanks.


  8. Alisa said:

    Delicious! I just made something like this a few hours ago. Will try this salad soon


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