CollaborazioniMANFROTTOManfrotto designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of camera and lighting support equipment for the professional photographic, film, theater, live entertainment and video markets.
Manfrotto || Step-by-step recipe photography
Manfrotto || Food photography outdoors in Autumn
Manfrotto || How to photograph soup and make it look tasty
Manfrotto || Street food in Florence (only in Italian)
Manfrotto || Juls’ Kitchen video recipes
Manfrotto || Using props to tell a story
Manfrotto || Food and people: how to use them both in a photograph
Manfrotto || Wandering around the Sant’Ambrogio market in Florence


Great Italian Chef || Frittata di zucca
Great Italian Chef || Odori, battuto, soffritto – the foundations of Italian cooking
Great Italian Chef || Halloween in Italy


CAFFÈ VERGNANO – (only in Italian)
Caffè Vergnano || Un caffè a Londra
Caffè Vergnano || The black cab coffee di Londra
Caffè Vergnano || Tagliolini al caffè con gamberetti e zenzero
Caffè Vergnano || Bignoline al caffé per San Valentino
Caffè Vergnano || Petto d’anatra marinato al caffè
Caffè Vergnano || Coffee to go, un piacere da portare con sé
Caffè Vergnano || Ciambellone ricotta, caffè e sambuca


Kusmi Tea – Kusmi Tea is a historical tea seller with a large range of delicious green teas or Russian blends
Kusmi || Old Italian gluten free cake: pasta margherita
Kusmi || Christmas Tea Tiramisu


Lagostina – (only in Italian)
Lagostina || Frittata di pomodori verdi fritti
Lagostina || Spezzatino irlandese alla Guinness
Lagostina || Necci con la ricotta (videoricetta)

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