It’s my birthday: let’s celebrate!

Naked cake with ricotta, mascarpone and fresh fruit

It’s my birthday. As every year, I am here to share the cake that will cheer up my special day. My birthday is my favourite day throughout the year, along with Christmas. Even if I am 35 today, I’m still a child at heart. I love surprises, breakfast in bed, a rose cut from the garden at the crack of dawn. I am an enthusiast by nature, excited by small gifts and especially by the idea that someone spent a pinch of his time thinking about me and wishing me happy birthday. I love to have people around to celebrate, being it my day, a friend’s achievement, a holiday or even a glorious Sunday family meal.

It is now a ritual. I choose my birthday cake and I bake it on my own, infusing into the recipe all the past year, success and failure, smiles and tears, breathtaking moments and days I’d rather forget. It’s like writing on your diary or filling up a time capsule for your future self. When I read old posts here on the blog and stumble upon one of my birthday cakes, I have the exact photo of who I was, I recognize moods and expectations, excitement and ongoing projects….

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