How do you use your leftover chocolate? I made a Tuscan bundt cake

A Tuscan bundt cake with farro flour and dark chocolate

Easter comes, and a chocolate Easter egg comes almost automatically. I’ve always given it for granted, though in these last two years I revaluated the old habit of buying a good chocolate Easter egg for Claudia and Tommaso. I also had the surprise to start receiving one again. My inner child screamed with joy. Chocolate is a gift that makes me easily happy, as well as a bottle of good extra virgin olive oil, homemade jams, marmalades and preserves, not to mention a bunch of herbs or a smelly cheese.

This year, however, I saw the usual chocolate Easter egg under a different light. Just a few days before Easter we had a visit from far far away: we opened out house to two girls from Singapore, Claudia’s friends, whom she met in Stuttgart when she was there in Erasmus. They met again after four years.

We all gathered quite naturally in the kitchen for a cultural and gastronomic exchange. They cooked rice and chicken on the first night and a black pepper broth with boiled pork ribs on the second. This sounded a bit weird to us, used to roast our pork ribs on coals, but mum went for a second serving, and this can be the best proof of how much we appreciated that dish. When our turn came, we cooked fresh pasta and on the last night I kneaded by hand four kilos of pizza dough, which rose slowly for about twenty-four hours and was then baked in our wood fired oven.

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