Summer awareness and ricotta gnocchi

Ricotta gnocchi with fresh herbs and zucchini blossoms

I open the drawer to rummage quickly through my messily piled up clothes. I have just five minutes to find something to wear. He’s waiting for me on his scooter for a quick ride before dinner. Today is the first day of summer.

We’ve been living together for three months now, sharing sleepy and silent breakfasts and late night work, though I fell like we’re having a romantic first date. I choose a blue and white striped cotton pullover and I style my hair into a braid to tame my curls. My idea o a casual summer outfit is still strongly anchored in the 80’s fashion.

He hands me my helmet, I get on the scooter and we leave for what looks like an adventurous ride, among golden wheat fields, grazing cows in the distance, stone villages perched on the hilltop and recently shorn sheep, which raise their head from the grass as we pass by, releasing in the wind the silver tinkling of their bells.

This is the Tuscan countryside in summer, a beautiful postcard. It is right outside our front door, yet sometimes you need a date and the right clothes to realize it.

As the fields roll fast around us I finally had the feeling of summer on my skin. I felt it again at dinner, when you could still hear the hypnotic cicadas sing from the cypresses around the garden.

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