Roast quinces to introduce you into Christmas

Roast quinces

We’re going to turn that page on the calendar and in a few days December will be here. I’m always slightly excited when I reach this last page, I remember when I hung it on the wall, all the expectations and hopes it came with. We’re almost ready to get into Christmas magic air, yet it seems still so far away.

My spiced candles are still in a box, tucked somewhere in the attic along with Christmas baubles and little Santas. Tommaso and I are still trying to decide where to put our Christmas tree, it has to be a place where Noa can’t make much trouble, and it is difficult to find in our tiny apartment. We still don’t know where we will spend the Christmas day, with whom we will celebrate, what the menu will be and, above all, we have not planned our DIY gift list. We’ve been jarring jams and savoury compotes, bottling walnut liqueur and drying herbs for infusions since summer, now the time has come to sort them out.

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