A weekend in Garfagnana and a video recipe


Just before Christmas, Tommaso and I were invited to spend a weekend in Barga, in Garfagnana, at the Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort & Spa. We were carrying the weight of a year’s worth of uninterrupted work, apart from five days off in September, on our shoulders. It therefore seemed to be the right time for a change of air and to accept the invitation, in order to discover what the Garfagnana had to offer.

The Garfagnana, one of Tuscany’s most charming spots, is a narrow area in northern Tuscany, unique in its landscapes. Driving there is wonderful -you’ll spend your time looking up to admire old castles, fortified towers and outposts. In the past, it was a poor, mountainous area, a disputed border area between the Tuscan Dukes and those in Emilia. Nowadays, the Garfagnana brings in swathes of tourists, who are enchanted not only by the stunning countryside, but also by the straightforward and substantial cuisine.

Many typical products from the area are now Slow Food presidia: they are elements of a poor cuisine which have been reinvented and do not cease to amaze….

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