Which gelato flavour are you? Coconut and walnut gelato

Coconut and walnut gelato

Are you a strawberry person or a pistachio one? Do you consider worth of your time just a gelato with cream, eggs and possibly chocolate in it, or are you a lemon sorbet kind of a guy? I know a little two-year-old girl, Emiko’s daughter, which would choose every time the same flavour combination: fiordilatte, daddy’s favourite one, and strawberry, as it is pink, and I am a girl. Chocolate is for boys. It makes sense.

Tommaso is known as Mr Lemon Sorbetto. After a lucullian meal or even in the midst of a hot summer afternoon he would opt nine times out of ten for the most astringent and refreshing flavour of every gelateria counter.

I used to be a chocolate-stracciatella child, a reliable combination, something which perfectly depicts my essence of a good girl. I grew up into a chocolate and coconut teenager and a pistachio young woman. Now, thanks to my nasty dairy intolerance – which sometimes I pretend to forget – I am a fruit sorbet person, often melon, watermelon or peach. Then I had a scoop of coconut and walnut gelato….

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