Florence photo workshop May 19-25, 2013

Please, Spring, come fast because there are exciting things that I can’t wait to experience till the last drop. An example? Well, let me start from the beginning. Last year I met by chance Leela, and I was immediately fascinated by her bubbling and inspiring personality.

She’s a talented photographer but most of all a sensitive and sweet woman, someone you feel immediately related to, someone you would trust at the first glance. We kept in contact for a while, then a few months ago she asked me if I wanted to take part in an incredible photo workshop she was going to teach in Florence in May with Bianca. Guess which was my answer?

How can you say no to two passionate women who will lead a dream-like tour where the main themes are Tuscany, food, photography and, yes, passion? This is more than just a holiday. It’s a time designed to make the most of your precious time in Italy. We want you to FEEL Italy, not just SEE Italy – and using your camera is the perfect way to do that.

So here we are, a few informations on the main characters of this incredible opportunity.

Leela Cyd

She does what she loves everyday and her infectious enthusiasm will inspire the photographer inside of you. Leela has landed her some pretty sweet gigs as a cookbook photographer and a contributor to the mega-blog Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn. Commercial clients also hunt her down for her stylish portrayal of their hotels and restaurants.

She has shot interiors, portraits and food for magazines such as Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Kinfolk, Whole Living and the New York Times. She also owns the award winning blog Tea Cup Tea.

Bianca Gignac

She proved why it is so dangerous to let your daughter go to Italy – she met and married an Italian man. She lived on his turf for a few years: she got a job, built a life and made great friends.

She even got along fantastically with her Italian mother-in-law. Her relationship with Italy is unique – she understands it as a resident and as a foreigner – and she knows sharing her second home, her love and her insider knowledge of Italy can make other people’s travels to Italy more meaningful.

So which is my role here?

My country home will host our group as we spend the afternoon stirring pots, chopping herbs and creating our Tuscan feast. The cooking lessons will introduce each dish with family stories and local traditions; you’ll learn to cook as Tuscan grandmas and mums do every day in their kitchens for their families.

Of course the evening will also be a wonderful opportunity to put your new food shooting skills to the test that you learned earlier in the week. No cooking class at Juls’ kitchen would be complete without a wander through my Tuscan hill town and an aperitivo in the garden. It’s the calm before the eating storm.

If you want a dose of Tuscany, creativity, incredible food, fresh air and the sparkly vibe of Florence we invite you to join us for this incredible week. See the full itinerary.

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  1. This is crazy exciting, hon! I love Leela’s work, and will definitely take a look at what lovely things Biance has done! There could not be a better kitchen than yours to learn about all the love that goes in true Italian cooking!

  2. Si! Per favore! Subito! Sogno di un soggiorno cosi. Please do it again so I can plan my calendar to coincide. Grazie!

  3. I was so excited to read about this…. Unfortunately the timing is wrong for me. I will be in florence for about a week in September and I would love to talk to Bianca about organising some unique activities around food while I am there. This will be my second visit to Florence and Im just totally in love with the city. It would be great to have an insiders view of things to do and places to go, not the normal touristy things.

  4. This workshops sound like so much fun, wish I could be there! I’m sure it will be fantastic! Especially the eating part 😀

  5. CIao chica!!

    thank you so much for being apart of our food and photo adventure. I cannot wait to see you again! xo leela

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