Home is a feeling

Date marzo 3, 2011

Tomorrow I leave. I’m going to Germany with my blonde baby bird – if she reads I’m calling her baby bird she will definitely try to choke me. My sister is going to study in Stuttgart for a semester and I want to be with her for her first days there.

I accompanied my sister to the kindergarten, when she used to wear a green checkered smock. I accompanied her to the elementary school, saying ‘blow your nose‘ when leaving, as my mum used to say with me – and how much I hated that! I walked her to the school bus on her first day at the middle school, admiring her courage to go to a new school in a new town. I was with her on her first day at high school, feeling slightly less lost trying to find the right way to her class, both for her and for me.

Speaking about University, she has made all by herself, waking up every day 2 hours before me to go to Florence. Tomorrow we leave and we go to Stuttgart. I will have a short holiday there – I do need a holiday – then I’ll come back home. I won’t say anything more, I’m a bit teary in these days, but let me give Claudia my tips to feel everywhere at home.

Home is a feeling, my guest post at Gloria’s At home in Tuscany.

P.S. The opening picture is my favourite one, the one I chose to open my small photographic exhibition in Florence at Art Bar. There are only fifteen pictures, but it’s a great achievement for me!

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11 Responses to “Home is a feeling”

  1. Sarah FragolaeLimone said:

    Congratulazioni alla tua sorellina (sono sicura che amerà Stoccarda) ed a te per la mostra: piccola o grande poco importa, sono splendide soddisfazioni!


  2. Rosa said:

    Indeed! That is so kind of you to accompany your sister.




  3. Aparna said:

    Home really is a feeling and is wherever you are comfortable, preferably with your loved ones.
    Have a nice holday and congratulations on the exhibition. Achievement is not measured in numbers, btw. :)


  4. RavieNomNoms said:

    I agree, home is definitely a feeling. How nice of you to travel with your sister, that will be amazing!


  5. Veronica Gantley said:

    Home is what you make it or where you make it.


  6. Tiffany said:

    Congrats on the exhibit! The picture is AWESOME!!! And yes, home is a feeling! :)


  7. The Food Hunter said:

    Safe travels to you and your sister


  8. Chris's Gourmet Fashion said:

    Complimenti, veramente scritto dal cuore! Sicuramente capisco bene questo sentimento, Il risultato e’ che mi sento a casa in tanti luoghi. Auguri anche alla sorella.


  9. Eva said:

    Hi! I like your blog, but just a note to you – your pictures are far to big for the web-site, it takes an awful lot of time to download them. It would much more reader-friendly if you could resize your photos before uploading them. Thank you and best regards!


  10. Aveen said:

    Lovely photo!

    Good luck to your sister, I hope both of you enjoy Stuttgart :)


  11. Gloria - Casina di Rosa said:

    Grazie di cuore per questo bellissimo articolo che mi hai regalato!! Il mio preferito in tutta la serie. Gloria


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