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Round courgettes stuffed with tuna. Our secret is in good hands.

Date aprile 14, 2014

Grandma uses a deep pot, always the same. I have a memory of that pot since the first time I tasted her stuffed round courgettes. Over the years it has lost a handle, but it remains, in her opinion, the perfect pot to use if you want to cook her stuffed courgettes. It has a […]

Artusi’s potato cake from a century old recipe

Date gennaio 24, 2014

Since they are potatoes, do not laugh at the pompous name, because as you will see when you try it, it is not overestimated. If your guests do not recognize the plebeian origin of this cake, conceal it, because they would undervalue it. Pellegrino Artusi, Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well (1891) […]

Let’s begin the new year with order, colour and a sun-dried tomato chickpea cake

Date gennaio 8, 2014

Yesterday it was a perfect day for some efficient spring cleaning, even if we are still at the beginning of winter. I took down all the Christmas decorations with some sadness in my eyes and brought back into the garden the tiny juniper tree that has been my Christmas tree for two years in a […]