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Fresh peach tartlets, for those who are young at heart

Date giugno 20, 2013

These tartlets are for those who are young at heart, for those who still want to play and do not take themselves too seriously, for those who are still able to look at life with children’s fresh eyes. These tartlets are for those who still start dancing at the bus at the first notes of their favorite song […]

Love in the time of Saint Valentine. Cuttlefish soup

Date febbraio 14, 2013

I would have never expected to talk about love on my blog, especially on St. Valentine’s day. As you have probably noticed, I usually tell you everything about me, you know of my goals, my dreams, my recent move a few metres from my parents’ house, you know about the cat who arrived in August […]

Butternut Squash Florentine crespelle for GBC

Date novembre 21, 2012

Crespelle with ricotta and spinach are a typical dish of the Florentine tradition: they look like thin pancakes and are filled and rolled up as cannelloni, as they were fresh pasta. Apparently Caterina de’ Medici, a Florentine noblewoman who married the future king of France Henry II in 1533, was so attached to her native […]