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Picking wild apples and my place in the world: an apple preserve

Date settembre 18, 2012

I am now an expert in stealing all those special moments just for myself, I try to set them in the day just like jewels, make them valuable and intense, though fleeting. I am almost over with the book, recipes are done – tested, photographed and written – and the Italian version is completed, now […]

Italian Table Talk: grape harvest and September jam

Date settembre 11, 2012

If you live in the countryside, you’d better not be in a hurry when you leave your house in any September morning. Any other time you find yourself stuck behind a tractor bursting of ripe grapes,  carrying its buzzing load to the closer cellar. Arm yourself with patience and get mesmerized by the dull sound of […]

Italian Table Talk: summer preserves. French beans in oil

Date agosto 13, 2012

When I was attending the middle school my Italian teacher asked us to write a self-analysis booklet, in which we were supposed to describe ourselves through photographs, drawings and short sentences. To help us define ourselves – young boys and girls still looking for our true self – she gave us a few questions, as which […]