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A gelato a day for the Italian Table Talk

Date agosto 26, 2013

Before mobile phones, before text messages and before Skype, when I used to go on holidays at the seaside with my parents, my uncles and my cousin for the month of August, there was a ritual that would repeat itself every night, year after year. Marghe and I would choose the most colorful dress, pretend […]

Mozzarella in carrozza and the Italian aperitivo for the Italian Table Talk

Date luglio 30, 2013

The first time I drank a coffee at the bar I did it because I didn’t want to be no less than my university girlfriends, who would normally meet in the morning just before going to the class to sip a macchiato or a ristretto, an excuse to exchange little chats before filling notebooks and […]

Italian croissants and breakfast in a bar for the Italian Table Talk

Date maggio 20, 2013

The coffee shop was simple and cozy: a long glass counter, polished to perfection, where cakes, scones, eggs, bacon and beans were neatly arranged. In front of the counter, facing the bright wide windows, tiny white tables for two people. Outside of that little café there was Ireland, the boundless meadows of the Kilkenny Castle, […]