Mozzarella In Carrozza And The Italian Aperitivo For The Italian Table Talk

Mozzarella in carrozza and the Italian aperitivo for the Italian Table Talk

The first time I drank a coffee at the bar I did it because I didn’t want to be no less than my university girlfriends, who would normally meet in the morning just before going to the class to sip a macchiato or a ristretto, an excuse to exchange little chats before filling notebooks and notebooks with tiny notes during Public communication or Semiotics. I did not like the coffee too much, but I did not want to miss that moment of sharing, a social ritual so fascinating to my eyes as a young student.

I began with macchiato to disguise the taste of coffee, and for months I didn’t even know how to drink it – I would leave the little spoon into the cup and every time I would stain my nose with foam – until Laura, who not coincidentally has become my best friend, said: look, Giulia, you can drink your coffee even without the spoon, just leave it on the saucer!

From there it was all downhill, I moved to espresso without sugar after a few months and I learnt first to appreciate then love the taste of pure coffee. The social ritual turned into a moment of pleasure, at home or at the bar, as long as the coffee is excellent and dark.

As for the aperitivo with friends, alas, I am still at the level of it being a social ritual. As you might have understood, it’s the aperitivo, the social ritual and everything that revolves around it, the theme of the July Italian Table Talk. We wanted to take advantage of this holiday atmosphere, light and summery, to imagine ourselves at the end of the day with sun kissed skin, sitting in a bar on the beach for a drink that reconciles us with the world. Emiko has prepared a guide to aperitivo, a handbook on how to deal with this social ritual in the correct way. Valeria is the experto of aperitivo in the North East, so follow her advice to find the perfect spot to enjoy a spritz in Padua. Jasmine lives in Milan, so she will be the person to go to to have a complete guide for the aperitivo in Milan and the recipe for negroni sbagliato.

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Foraging For The Italian Table Talk – Acquacotta, Foraged Herb Soup

Foraging for the Italian Table Talk – Acquacotta, foraged herb soup


My favourite country road stretches from my house into the nearby wood, shaded by four oak trees and speckled along the edges with flowers and herbs. Until a few years ago what attracted my attention were the closed buds of poppy, which I would pick up to guess the colour, and purple and yellow delicate field flowers, which I used to tie with a string to make a skimpy bouquet to be regally placed on the marble table in the living room.

Then my perspective changed, thanks largely to my grandmother, who began to show me edible wild herbs that grow unsuspected along the edge of the road. That is chicory, when it is young and tender is good in salads, otherwise you should cook it along with the wild Swiss chard you can forage in our field. That’s salad burnet tastes like a summer cucumber and it’s the queen of fresh green salads, that is wild lettuce instead. Forage dandelion before it blooms, it’s so good for your health, use poppy sprouts to make an unusual omelet…

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