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Anchovy power: risotto stuffed artichokes

Date maggio 9, 2014

By nine o’ clock in the morning I had already kneaded a bread, made with a good local and organic flour. It was raising into its basket underneath my blankets, as the oven had to work overtime to bake a rice cake, a banana bread and some beetroots for a quick spread on toasts. Another […]

Crisp rice gratin with sausage and artichokes. Another way to use leftover risotto

Date aprile 28, 2014

At the end of a meal you stand up from your chair satisfied, often with a bigger smile than before, and begin to clear the table. You turn around and start cleaning pots and pans on the stove to check if you have leftovers. Some are programmed, left there for dinner or for the lunch […]

What does summer taste like? Arancine di riso. Fried rice balls from Sicily.

Date aprile 18, 2014

What does summer taste like? I can think of several flavours, changing like the sea waves. Lately I would say pasta with fried eggplants, the most vivid memory of last summer that we spent on a beautiful house just on the beach in Maremma. As a child I would have said watermelon, rosemary focaccia and fried […]