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What does summer taste like? Arancine di riso. Fried rice balls from Sicily.

Date aprile 18, 2014

What does summer taste like? I can think of several flavours, changing like the sea waves. Lately I would say pasta with fried eggplants, the most vivid memory of last summer that we spent on a beautiful house just on the beach in Maremma. As a child I would have said watermelon, rosemary focaccia and fried […]

My grandma’s porcini mushroom risotto

Date ottobre 22, 2012

I spent the whole weekend working at home but I made it, I finished the book translation. When last night I was stuck in the traffic on the freeway clogged up by the renewal works I was happy, jammed, lit by the red shades of the cars stop lights, but happy. I was done. A strange sense of lightness mixed […]

Beer and artichoke risotto with crumbled goat cheese

Date dicembre 1, 2011

During the first years of the university I used to frequent a pub in Siena, where Saturday after Saturday I started to feel welcome and at home. The tables bore carved in the wood the marks of the endless chats with my friend Laura, conspiratorial words whispered in a low voice in front of a […]