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Tuscan bean soup with farro. I like thick soups.

Date febbraio 6, 2014

I like thick soups. I want to spread my bean soup onto thin toasted slices of bread and then drizzle them with a more than generous amount of my best extra virgin olive oil. I can’t help, before attacking the soup with a spoon, I have the physical urge to make me a crostone. It’s […]

Baked pasta with artichoke ragout, when the cheese is stretchy and stringy

Date dicembre 8, 2013

When I think about Christmas first courses my mind invariably goes to something rich, baked in the oven, with a lot of cheese. It might be because I grew up with the idea that grandma, every Christmas, would make two pans of lasagna. There was a classic lasagna with generous layers of bechamel sauce, cheese […]

Savoy cabbage soup to keep you warm

Date novembre 5, 2013

For a few months I posted every week a healthy recipe on Benessere.com: these recipes were based on seasonal fruit and vegetables, easy and light cooking methods, wholesome ingredients ad whole flours, beans and other cereals, not typical of my Tuscan background. The project ended in September, though I am still craving for those recipes, […]