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Giulia’s Sense of Fashion. Butternut squash risotto with clams

Date ottobre 20, 2014

Smilla had a sense of snow, a deep innate knowledge of this magical natural element. I have a sense a fashion, which is very personal and often difficult to understand. I can not match scarf and coat, not to mention shoes and clothes. I have a few pair of high heel shoes, but I seldom wear […]

Buckwheat tortelli with walnuts and ricotta. Step into Autumn, and listen.

Date settembre 25, 2014

Winter is sitting inside, in a warm place, next to the fireplace, hearty and generous food. Spring is smiling, to the sun, to the green in your dish, to the flowers blooming on the trees and in the fields. Summer is opening up, communicating, lightness in your heart, in your mind, in your kitchen. Autumn […]

Lactose free, gluten free gnocchi with pistachio pesto

Date agosto 24, 2014

Everything began with a nasty tiredness. I desperately wanted to understand which was the reason, I blamed the lack of sleep, then the heat, then the long shifts to finish my cookbook. I also secretly thought I was getting too lazy, or too old. Eventually I did a food intolerance test. I’ve learnt to listen to […]