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What does summer taste like? Arancine di riso. Fried rice balls from Sicily.

Date aprile 18, 2014

What does summer taste like? I can think of several flavours, changing like the sea waves. Lately I would say pasta with fried eggplants, the most vivid memory of last summer that we spent on a beautiful house just on the beach in Maremma. As a child I would have said watermelon, rosemary focaccia and fried […]

Tuscan bean soup with farro. I like thick soups.

Date febbraio 6, 2014

I like thick soups. I want to spread my bean soup onto thin toasted slices of bread and then drizzle them with a more than generous amount of my best extra virgin olive oil. I can’t help, before attacking the soup with a spoon, I have the physical urge to make me a crostone. It’s […]

Baked pasta with artichoke ragout, when the cheese is stretchy and stringy

Date dicembre 8, 2013

When I think about Christmas first courses my mind invariably goes to something rich, baked in the oven, with a lot of cheese. It might be because I grew up with the idea that grandma, every Christmas, would make two pans of lasagna. There was a classic lasagna with generous layers of bechamel sauce, cheese […]