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Round courgettes stuffed with tuna. Our secret is in good hands.

Date aprile 14, 2014

Grandma uses a deep pot, always the same. I have a memory of that pot since the first time I tasted her stuffed round courgettes. Over the years it has lost a handle, but it remains, in her opinion, the perfect pot to use if you want to cook her stuffed courgettes. It has a […]

A family recipe, my grandma’s choux pastries

Date ottobre 28, 2013

Nonna Marcella, my grandma, oh she passed me so many recipes, either chatting lightly at the table, over a perfectly stewed rabbit trying to explain me why it was to tender and flavourful, or standing next to me in the kitchen, checking every movement I was making to verify it was made by the book, […]

Our Sunday dinner: potato cheese gateau

Date marzo 12, 2013

There is lunch and there is dinner. There are many recipes that can be made indifferently for your midday meal or for your evening meal, they have a wild independent spirit, they suit your family needs and moods, they are welcomed anytime. Then, there is a bunch of recipes that are specifically tailored to suit […]