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Oat and honey biscotti with walnuts and raisins. I choose baking and I choose cookies.

Date ottobre 2, 2014

I was just missing cooking by instinct, in my kitchen, in a quiet afternoon. I was standing at one end of the kitchen marble table, busy among jars of flour, nuts and honey. My sister was sitting at the opposite side, studying for an exam at the university, but following every movement and nodding at […]

Almond and rice flour lemon cookies

Date marzo 3, 2014

I experience an antique feeling of satisfaction when I manage to use leftovers. When I am able to reduce waste I feel like a modern housewife, it fills me up with pride and inspires me to try new recipes. A few days ago I made almond milk from scratches, using real blanched almonds, and I […]

A love letter. Hazelnut and white chocolate biscotti

Date febbraio 14, 2014

Today I am going to use my blog for strictly personal intents, to write a love letter. It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m feeling romantic. When this morning I left home, it was hard to say goodbye, I could not tear myself away, I wanted to stay five minutes longer, for one last kiss, one last […]