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Chocolate and semolina tart to celebrate Easter and a new book I’m working on!

Date aprile 16, 2014

I got off at the right stop of the metro, I walked for a while along that unknown street in Milan and I started thinking that maybe I had taken the wrong direction. She told me that I would have recognized the tower, but I couldn’t see it, just many big office buildings. I spied […]

Happiness is (sharing) a slice of chocolate cake

Date gennaio 22, 2014

A few days ago, while I was working here in my kitchen on the second or third day of a new diet – read diet as a slightly controlled food habit to get rid of the Christmas feast – I had a sudden urge, a strong desire, a physical need to stick my fork into […]

My olive oil and tangerine chocolate cake

Date ottobre 30, 2012

In the last week I have spent more hours than usual thinking, thanks to many travels by train and by car: first a busy day though rich in discoveries in Turin for the Salone del Gusto, then a weekend in Umbria with my good foodblogger friends, cooking and eating in a villa in the countryside. The […]