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Tiny apple cakes for the weekend. Your house will smell of orange, butter and Cointreau.

Date novembre 7, 2014

When I was at high school I was already following a health-conscious diet, if you do not consider all the chocolate I used to have in afternoon while studying. During the morning break a stall would pop up in the school hall, selling a feast of snacks and panini, some of them big as a […]

Gluten free butternut squash bundt cake. Things you bake after a walk.

Date ottobre 22, 2014

October, butternut squash time. I’ve never cooked so much with squash as this year. October is also the perfect month to organize short trips and visit small towns, enjoying the crisp air that you breathe in these medieval villages perched on a hill. Get the car, decide where to go, then choose a soundtrack which can suit […]

A tea moment and an old Italian gluten free cake: pasta margherita.

Date settembre 22, 2014

Every day at 5 o’clock sharp, every day for thirty years a comforting ritual took place in my kitchen. We kept this ritual until I moved on my own, seven meters apart in the nearby house, but on my own. Summer or winter, being it just with my mum and me wrapped in old flannel […]