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Autumn Pumpkin Mac&Cheese

Autumn Pumpkin Mac&Cheese

A week of mild and unexpected temperatures welcomed my foodblogger friends here in Tuscany. Warm sun, blue sky and the trees dressed in their Sunday best: the countryside put on a show, proud in its red and yellow foliage, proud of the changes, did not conceal the passage of time, but showed it off with pride, perfectly aware of the charm of this never ending changing. It was so attractive to switch off the words in a stunned silence in front of a valley of fading vines, from ochre to orange.

The change is part of the essence of Nature, of the surrounding world and of us human beings. I am fascinated by the changes though, frankly, they scare me every time because they make me lose balance. There’s a quote I would have written in my diary as a teenager, a quote that perfectly explain the importance of losing the balance: if you want to take a step forward, you need to lose your balance for a moment (M. Gramellini). My wish is to live aware that the changes are nothing more than a gift, the spur you need to make a step further, even if uncertain, to reach your goal.

These days, thinking about changes and skipping voluntarily the hairstyles, styles and musical taste evolution that carried me quite painless from childhood, throughout adolescence until the age of reason, I began to browse through my blog recipes.

At the beginning, during the first months of Juls’ Kitchen life, I loved experimenting with recipes that were as far away from my everyday culinary world as possible, such as curries, fried rice, cupcakes and macarons. Then I started to feel the urge to know better that world that everyone – especially abroad – love with transportation, and in which I had the fortune to live: Tuscany. Here’s how I came to home and family cooking, to discover my roots, my smell and taste memories, so deeply connected to my grandfather’s chops or my mum’s crumble omelette.

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