Entries from novembre 2011

Chestnut flour and chocolate drops biscotti

Date novembre 15, 2011

I succeeded to post the recipe at the second attempt. I baked this biscotti for the first time early this summer for a special Tuscan dinner with friends, writing the ingredients on a small piece of paper and losing it as expected at the end of the evening. It’s always the same: you put the […]

Chickpea crêpes with rosemary mashed potatoes and bacon

Date novembre 10, 2011

It happens, especially in these long gray and rainy afternoons, to regret for a little while summer, the season of garden parties, barbecues and cocktails under the stars, caressed by a gentle breeze. It is a feeling that does not last long, though, because the autumn and winter have their unquestionable winning points, just think of cosy dinners at home, […]

My 7 links projects: leafing through my on line life

Date novembre 7, 2011

I told you last week that I’ve been leafing through my old recipes trying to catch the passage of time and to size the beauty of changing. Well, this was one of the reasons that made me read through more than 2 years and a half of recipes, laughing at some old posts and living again […]