Stuffed squids with bread and pine nuts and the beginning of a precious friendship

Stuffed squids with bread and pine nuts

When my sister Claudia was born I was nine. I’ve always wanted a little sister. Since kindergarten I would tell my teachers and my classmates that I was going to have a sister soon, I desired her so much. Obviously it was not true, it was just due to the powerful imagination of a little girl, but I don’t even remember my lies! When it happened, they did not believe me any more.

Mum told me I was going to be an elder sister in a cold and windy day like this. I was squeezed in the bed in between my mum and my dad, the whole family infected by a seasonal flu. I could finally turn every dream in reality, have a younger sister and play with her. We would have been friends forever.

I remember very well the day when mum went on maternity leave from work: I would see her every day in the late afternoon, when she would come back from work, but that day she picked me up at the school bus and surprised me with a seafood lunch, as she had bought fresh fish in the morning at the market. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship with my little sister.

I do not know if it is true or my imagination has worked on that lunch, but I’m pretty sure that mum cooked stuffed squids

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