Chestnut Yule log. A Christmas video recipe

Yule log

Goodbye, November. You’ve been good, busy, exciting, tiring. I cooked more fresh pasta than in the whole cooking class season, I stirred many a risotto for cozy dinners in front of the fireplace, I baked batches of cookies and crusty bread loaves for breakfast.

Welcome, December. Now, I have great expectations December. I am a dreamer, I start listening to Christmas music as soon as I wear my first scarf, so, December, you might imagine how I was longing for this time of the year.

I see December as a white canvas. I want to live each day to celebrate my favourite time of the year, planning menus, decorating the Christmas tree, thinking about everyone I love. Music, movies, books, lights, cookies, food, colours, family, friends. I’ve always loved how everything comes together in December, I feel the magic, I seek the magic.

We’ve been planning December on Juls’ Kitchen for a while now, we want to live this month with you, sharing warmth, ideas, smiles and love. We begin with a video recipe, a new one after such a long time, for one of the most traditional Christmas desserts, a Yule log.

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