Acacia flower fritters, a mid Spring treat

Acacia flower fritters

I will wait. I will wait until I lose some extra weight to buy that new pair of jeans. I’m gonna wait until I feel more confident to pitch a magazine for an article. I will wait until I get published on a magazine to propose for a book deal. I will wait until I find a life partner to travel to that city I always dreamt to visit. I will wait until I deliver the whole book to forage for acacia flowers and deep fry them.

Wrong. Wrong in any possible way, so wrong. You won’t ever be enough ready to venture into new journeys unless you abandon your fears and jump bravely into new opportunities. Buy that jeans, pitch your stories, travel, enjoy small pleasure in life and go pick the acacia flowers, as it might rain tomorrow.

Last week I took half a day off, turned off my computer and marched into the garden with a wicker basket and a pair of scissors to collect acacia flowers….

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