Learning to make bread: sweet chocolate buns

sweet chocolate buns

On February I abandoned my country life for a few weeks and moved to Florence with Tommaso to teach at the Florence University of the Arts. It was my third time teaching an Interpersonal Communication course, something which puts me to test every time. I have to stand up in front of a class of American students and my task is to interest them, inspire them, or at least keep them awake.

I enjoyed sushi and Chinese takeaways, one of the few luxuries that I’ll be missing back in the countryside, walks to reach my class along the main avenues of Florence, visits to the Sant’Ambrogio market but, most of all, a shared daily life with him, which frankly was the best part of the whole experience.

Having a place to stay in Florence gave me the good excuse to take a baking course. I experienced again the warming satisfaction to carve out a few hours just for me to learn something new, one of the best investments in the life of a human being. It was also the chance to meet a bunch of extraordinary and passionate normal people and a professional baker, a teacher able to excite and inspire, open and competent.

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