Why July is my special month and a lemon polenta cake

luglio 11, 2014

Lemon polenta cakeJuly is my special month. It is bursting with sun and good weather, more intense and deeply rooted into summer than June, definitely more care-free than August, because Autumn is yet too far away to smell the musky notes of woods or the stormy winds. You can still plan your summer in July, because the sunny season has just begun, the days are still long and shiny, you can sit on the doorstep in the evening to chat, to enjoy your ice cream and the last moments of light.

I’ve always had a crush on him, July, a charming month with wheat blond hair and eyes as blue as the sky and the deep sea. I would start getting some tan, showing the marks of the tank on my shoulders, to check my progress day after day.

July is my birthday month, just for this reason I love it with a childish love, the most beautiful month of the year because right at the end comes the most exciting day of the year, where I grow, change, and get stronger.

Recently July is also the month of short trips to London, where I can finally breathe the exciting air of the city that fascinates me most. Last year I was there to take part to the Food Blogger Connect, this year I’m going to enjoy a long weekend just like a tourist. Believe me or not, next week I’m going to visit at least a bunch of museums, as – shame on me – whenever faced with the choice between Borrough Market and Tate Modern… well you know which was my choice, don’t you? I love to get lost among the stalls of one of the greatest markets in the world. I won’t go alone. My travel mate and significant other is passionate about museums, I know he will catch me if I will try to ignore the National Gallery in search of a little café where to sit down and pretend to be a Londoner.

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Buckwheat crêpes. Oh those summer nights…

luglio 4, 2014

Buckwheat crêpesLet’s make crêpes. He came out in a quiet summer Saturday afternoon, one of those typically Italian. We had a relaxing walk in Florence, a cold coffee, we chatted lightly over projects and upcoming holidays, searching for the refreshing shade of the elegant buildings. Multitudes of tourists were flowing next to us, an incredible mix of languages, gelato flavours, red cheeks and delighted smiles.

I had two options. Whip up for dinner the simplest crêpes you can think of to enjoy a few more hours in Florence, or opt for the longest and tastiest road. Guess what I chose. Every chance to cook something special must be sized, no matter what. It is just not because I find a deep pleasure in eating well, even though it’s the starting point of many an adventure in the kitchen. The reason is that every time that you can handle ingredients, flavours and smells which make you travel, you must take that flight. You can turn a cozy Saturday in a travel in space and time. If the traveling minds are two, you create dishes which can take you on holidays at the first bite.

We agreed on making buckwheat crespelle with a fried egg, roast ham and grilled vegetables. Our crespelle were close to the French crêpes au sarrasin. I have the most vivid memories of the only week I spent in France in all my live, in Provence, and those memories are all connected to food, food markets, food experiences and food shopping.

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A Summer peach pie, a video recipe, my book

giugno 27, 2014

Peach pie

I walked in the summery countryside, rejoicing with the warmth of the sun colouring my skin. I picked up wild flowers to soak them overnight and make St. John’s water, a magic and flowery water you use the day after to wash away tiredness, sadness and negative thoughts. I sat on my balcony at dusk, in the dark, listening to the crickets and to the countryside playing its night melody, with a cinnamon gelato all for myself. I savored it slowly, letting it melt on my tongue, sending heartfelt thanks the day just passed.

I cooked with passion, fun and curiosity, reaching almost the end of the long list of recipes for the book. I filled the kitchen with fruits and vegetables, because after cooking sausages and lentils for photographic needs all I wanted was a bowl bursting in the colours of melon and peaches. I spent four days working with him among recipes, photos and videos. They seemed holiday days more than working days. The blessing of doing a job you love.

I walked into a golden wheat field, stroking the almost ripe ears of wheat first with my eyes and later with open hands. I felt the summer running through my veins. This made me excited and impatient to share with you some of my projects, as to celebrate the season of sun with a proper pie.

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