Pescheria San Pietro, a fish restaurant in Florence

Pescheria San Pietro

A few days before Christmas we’ve been invited to enjoy a lunch at Pescheria San Pietro, a new fish restaurant in Florence. You can see it from the distance: enormous, shiny windows from which you can spy in, curiously watching who is already sitting at the tables, browsing through the menu and tasting inviting dishes.

A small open kitchen is right at the street level. There, on the counter, a few cakes with a rustic home-made look give you the feeling that there you you will probably find yourself at home. The cakes invite you in a loud voice, you cannot help but opening that door, to be welcomed by a modern and cosy welcoming.

As soon as we stepped inside, we left behind the chaotic bustle of Santa Maria Novella station, its buses, tramway, students and tourists, to set foot in a spacious room, far from the usual Florentine offers.

Pescheria San Pietro offers fish in the city of meat, something very unusual for the Florence panorama.

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