I have great plans for us, August! Peach and prosecco sorbet

Peach and prosecco sorbet

Lately every work e-mail I received would close with have a great Summer. No have a great week, no have a great August, just a honest wish to enjoy Summer. I quickly got the habit and started doing the same. Then, wait. Have a great Summer? I’ve been celebrating Summer here on the blog for the last month and a half, its sun ripened tomatoes, its unbearable heat, seaside pleasures, lazy afternoons, crickets and cicadas, dinners with friends and ice-cream. It’s already Summer, but strangely enough it looks like Summer has just begun, once again.

In Italy this is the month of the great leave, everyone pack his car with suitcases, children, pets and hopes and leaves for the seaside, for another city, for a much anticipated holiday. School will begin just in another month and a half, offices and industries concentrate their closing weeks in August. The traffic slows down, many shops hang outside the ‘Sorry we’re closed‘ sign and you find yourself walking in almost empty streets, in a surreal peace. I’ve always loved this calm.

This August we are not leaving, we will enjoy our house, the countryside, the smooth working rhythms and we will save our time, money and expectations for a September week in Salento.

I’ve always had the idea that August was already almost September, that the best part of Summer has just passed, but this year I’ve decided to give another chance to Summer. Let’s embrace August, its smooth rhythms and its intense, slightly toasted, sun kissed 31 days till the last crumble. I have great plans for us, August!

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