Now I’ll show you how to make gnudi


I’m getting back to basics. I love Tuscan food, you know. But I had not yet reached the point to crave for chicken livers patè out of the blue to make some crostini on a normal day, without anything special to celebrate. Probably this is due to the fact that my daily diet has changed significantly since I discovered some food intolerances: brown rice and legumes had a considerable increase and I enjoyed playing with them and pairing them with seasonal vegetables and spices to have a new dish every day.

In this change of direction towards foreign cuisines my culinary roots made sure to be heard. They were almost petulant in asking me to get back cooking something typical, traditional, local, homey. Besides the chicken liver crostini to celebrate the extraordinary calm of a lunch for two, I made also a peposo that was enough for two days and gnudi with ricotta and spinach.

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